End-User Probabilistic Programming [pdf]

Abstract. Probabilistic programming aims to help users make deci- sions under uncertainty. The user writes code representing a probabilistic model, and receives outcomes as distributions or summary statistics. We consider probabilistic programming for ...

Colleges improve website accessibility as they are defendants in lawsuits

Plenty of water was flowing through Taughannock Falls on Tuesday, Aug. 14. Matt Steecker, ithacajournal.com | @MSteecker Several New York universities and colleges are improving the accessibility of their websites to individuals with disabilities while ...

Show HN: A virtual assistant for your Tesla car: Locate, lock and other features

The virtual assistant for your Tesla Chat on Messenger

Ancient DNA Illuminates Pastoralism’s Rise in Africa

This article was originally published at The Conversation  and has been republished under Creative Commons. Visitors to East Africa are often amazed by massive herds of cattle with a gorgeous array of horn, hump, and coat patterns. Pastoralism —a way ...

Ask HN: Best free compute, etc. resources for startups?

I'm interested in pursuing a few new concepts, and I'm looking for the best free resources for startups that aren't going through an incubator. Specifically looking for free tier or startup credits beyond what AWS / DO / GCP has to offer, ...

America has never gone this long without hiking the federal minimum wage

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Elegant Error Handling with the JavaScript “Either” Monad

JavaScript gives us a built-in language feature for handling exceptions: try…catch statements. And they're better than littering our code with if-statements. But they can be problematic. And they are not the only way to handle errors. In this article, we’ll take a look at using the ‘Either...

Turbinia – An Uninvited Guest

The date - the 26th of June 1897. It is the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The occasion - the Fleet Review of the Royal Navy, at that time the most powerful sea-force in the world. General Aspect Drawing of ...

Varanasi: India's city where people come to die

For Hindus, Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in the world, and ‘salvation homes’ have been set up across the city to house the men and women who come to live – and die – here.

YouTube is working with Universal Music Group to remaster iconic music videos

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Alan Turing’s “Intelligent Machinery” (1948) [pdf]

Debian riscv64 port status

It's been a while since last post (Talk about the Debian GNU/Linux riscv64 port at RISC-V workshop), and sometimes things look very quiet from outside even if the people on the backstage never stop working. So this is an update on the status of this port before the release of buster, which...

We tried to hustle our way into YC after we got rejected

Our product VEED - an online video editor had been doing really well recently. We had a 60% MoM Growth Rate, 35K MAU and a great team! Two months later we got an email saying that a partner would like to speak to us. And a few days later we were ...

EINTR and PC Loser-Ing: The “Worse Is Better” Case Study (2011)

Richard Gabriel’s 1989 essay Worse Is Betteris a famous comparison between LISP and Unix/C that pops up from time to time and is guaranteed to spark a spirited discussion. The philosophical argument itself is not something I want to get into right ...

Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation

Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation. With more than 30M tracks, YouGlish gives you fast, unbiased answers about how English is spoken by real people and in context. Examples: power, courage, coup de grâce, how's it going (Advance ...

Ask HN: I want to get Bachelor's in CS online. What are some good programs?

Hi! I'm trying to find a good online program to get Bachelor's degree in CS, my goal is to use it to get into a Master's program (OMSCS) that would help me to switch careers and get into AI and Machine Learning.

A Raspberry Pi VAX Cluster (2012)

BuildZoom (YC W13) is hiring – help un-break construction

Lead Software Engineer, Data Platform

macOS-Simple-KVM: A New Way to Create macOS VMs in Linux

You'll need a Linux system with qemu, python3, pip and the KVM extensions installed for this project. A Mac is not required. Some examples for different distributions:

RBA not phased about Australian $50 note typo

But no one noticed the triple mistake on the new $50 note for almost two years before 480 million were printed and rolled out across the country. The reckoning that followed this most awkward discovery has been revealed in emails and an internal report ...

Fixing a Small Calc.exe Bug

I was goofing-off browsing Reddit, as you do on a Sunday. Scrolling past playing puppies and bad programmer humor, one particular post caught my eye. It was about a bug in calc.exe. “Well that looks like a curious bug, I wonder what could cause it ...

How do most SPAs handle breaking API schema changes?

New conversation AFAIK there aren't formalized tools to manage these kinds of migrations. This is surprising to me because it's so closely analogous to database migrations. Migration happens at runtime rather than deploy time, with requests ...

Facebook picked Rust to implement Libre

No, because it's impossible to produce blocks that fast and since the blockchain is linear adding more computers doesn't increase the speed of block production (they'd have to take turns producing blocks). Even if we took the length of time ...

Facebook moderators break NDAs to describe grim working conditions

Keith Utley loved to help. First, he served in the Coast Guard, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant commander. He married, had a family, and devoted himself utterly to his two little girls. After he got out of the military, he worked as a moderator ...

How to Turn a Quantum Computer into the Ultimate Randomness Generator

Say the words “quantum supremacy ”at a gathering of computer scientists, and eyes will likely roll. The phrase refers to the idea that quantum computers will soon cross a threshold where they ’ll perform with relative ease tasks that are extremely hard ...

Galton Board

Jump to navigation Jump to search The bean machine, also known as the Galton Board or quincunx, is a device invented by Sir Francis Galton [1] : 63f to demonstrate the central limit theorem, in particular that the normal distributionis approximate ...

Cloudflare's Ethereum Gateway

Today, we are excited to announce Cloudflare's Ethereum Gateway, where you can interact with the Ethereum network without installing any additional software on your computer. You may have heard of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency. What you may not know ...

US Steel is idling plants, despite tariffs designed to save them

New York (CNN Business)Pain has returned to the US steel industry, despite the tariffs put on imported steel last year that were designed to help. Late Tuesday US Steel announced it will idle two of the blast furnaces where it makes steel, one in its flagship ...

Nines are not enough: meaningful metrics for clouds

Nines are not enough: meaningful metrics for clouds Mogul & Wilkes, HotOS'19 It’s hard to define good SLOs, especially when outcomes aren’t fully under the control of any single party. The authors of today’s paper should know a thing or two about that: Jeffrey Mogul and John Wilkes at Google1!...

In defence of the wolf: this big bad animal is more prey than predator

Wolves are returning to their former rangesacross Europe and North America, resurrecting a centuries ’old war with humans over land, hunting opportunities, and livestock. While protected in many areas, the wolf is fighting a losing battle, because ...