Easter egg in flight path of last 747 delivery flight

View flight 5Y747 from Everett to Cincinnati on Flightradar24

ChatGPT Plus

We’re launching a pilot subscription plan for ChatGPT, a conversational AI that can chat with you, answer follow-up questions, and challenge incorrect assumptions. The new subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus, will be available for $20/month, and subscribers will receive a number of benefits: *...

Google layoffs Jan 20, 2023 – California WARN public records

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Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms (2003)

(Hardback, 640 pages, Published September 2003) epub file (fourth printing) (1.4M) ( ebook-convert --isbn 9780521642989 --authors "David J C MacKay" --book-producer "David J C MacKay" --comments "Information theory, ...

Show HN: We built a developer-first open-source Zapier alternative

Trigger workflows from APIs, on a schedule, or on demand. API calls are easy with authentication handled for you. Add durable delays that survive server restarts. Your workflows run on your servers, not ours. We only receive the data you choose to send ...

Ask HN: Who is hiring? (February 2023)

Please state the location and include REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when that sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE. Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company —no recruiting firms or job ...

Glen Canyon Revealed

There is the crumpling,  the mess. A marina that once floated in a cove has been towed out of the shrinking lake and dropped in a field of Russian thistle, its metal pontoons partially sunk into dry, crack-crazed soil. Cooler doors stand open —the ...

Release engineering is exhausting so here's cargo-dist

You have a cool idea for a Rust application, quickly hack up a Cargo project for it, and hey, it works! You pull out that old laptop from university -- the one that barely works because you convinced it to dual boot some version of Gentoo and Windows ...

Float Compression 3: Filters

In the previous parts we saw that using generic data compression libraries, we can get our 94.5MB data down to 33.8MB (zstd level 7) or 29.6MB (oodle kraken level 2) size, if we’re not willing to spend more than one second compressing it.

Flame: A small language model for spreadsheet formulas

Download PDF Abstract:The widespread use of spreadsheet environments by billions of users presents a unique opportunity for formula-authoring assistance. Although large language models, such as Codex, can assist in general-purpose languages, ... Bibliographic ...

Same.energy: Image Search by Similarity

These images can be used for free in both commercial and non-commercial work, provided you give attribution. Right click or long press on an image to see information about the license and the creator.

We need less powerful languages (2015)

Many systems boast of being ‘powerful’, and it sounds difficult to argue that this is a bad thing. Almost everyone who uses the word assumes that it is always a good thing. The thesis of this post is that in many cases we need less powerfullanguages ...

A Cold War mystery: Why did Jimmy Carter save the space shuttle?

We ’d been chatting for the better part of two hours when Chris Kraft ’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Hey, ”he said, “Here ’s a story I ’ll bet you never heard. ”Kraft, the man who had written flight rules for NASA at the dawn of US spaceflight and ...

Meta Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Results

Meta Platforms, Inc. (Nasdaq: META) today reported financial results for the quarter and full year ended December 31, 2022. "Our community continues to grow and I'm pleased with the strong engagement across our apps. Facebook just reached the milestone of 2 billion daily actives," said Mark...

Infinite partial sumsets in the primes

Tamar Ziegler and I have just uploaded to the arXiv our paper “ Infinite partial sumsets in the primes“. This is a short paper inspired by a recent result of Kra, Moreira, Richter, and Robertson (discussed for instance in this Quanta article from last ...

Top-Left Magic Corner Desktop Paradigm

After a decade of daily driving GNU+Linux operating systems, I've had the chance to hop between all major desktop environments. Even though GNOME, KDE Plasma, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, LXQt, and even Unity all have major pros, in their default setup, none of them fit my specific usecase. The thing...

Hypermedia Clients

Often, when we are being insufferably pedantic in online discussions about REST & HATEOAS, we will say something along the lines of this: { "account" : { "account_number" : 12345 , "balance" : { "currency" : "usd" ...

Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing (2017)

Hello and welcome to a blog post. I am writing it and you are reading it. It’s amazing what we can do with computers these days. I ’m at a ramen place with my friend Diana. Diana isn ’t her real name, but we ’re going to pretend it is because that ...

How we plan to de-extinct the Dodo bird

A mysterious bird of increasingly mysterious origins, the dodo bird ruled the roost on its native island of Mauritius--and nowhere else-until meeting an untimely demise. ( Let ’s Be Clear. The Only Actually Stupid Creatures In This Story ...

Data-Free Disneyland

(Note: This is the companion post to my article at Public Books about evading data detection at Disneyland. For the fun story, read the Public Books version; for tech details and the "why" of my choices, read on here).

Do we live in a society without a counterculture?

I read this recently and it got me thinking: It’s from Ted Gioia’s article, “14 Warning Signs That You Are Living in a Society Without a Counterculture.” It doesn’t seem true at first. Even though you could argue that mainstream culture is full of imitation, it's not necessarily

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (February 2023)

Share your information if you are looking for work. Please use this format: Readers: please only email these addresses to discuss work opportunities. Location: Chicago, USA (moving to LA later this year) Remote: Yes (as a full-time software engineer) ...

Choropleth maps with ggplot and R

Choropleth maps show geographical regions colored, shaded, or graded according to some variable. They are visually striking, especially when the spatial units of the map are familiar entities, like the countries of the European Union, or states in the ...

YC is hiring a product engineer to work on co-founder matching (SF/remote, US)

About two years ago, YC launched a site to help people find co-founders. We heard from a lot of people that the biggest thing holding them back from starting a company was that they didn't want to do it alone and didn't have any friends who ...

Go 1.20 released

The latest Go release, version 1.20, arrives six months after Go 1.19. Most of its changes are in the implementation of the toolchain, runtime, and libraries. As always, the release maintains the Go 1 promise of compatibility. We expect almost ...

ChatGPT is a bullshit generator but it can still be amazingly useful

The philosopher Harry Frankfurt defined bullshit as speech that is intended to persuade without regard for the truth . By this measure, OpenAI’s new chatbot ChatGPT is the greatest bullshitter ever. Large Language Models (LLMs) are trained to produce plausible ...

Morning exposure to deep red light improves declining eyesight

Mitochondrial decline in ageing robs cells of ATP. However, animal studies show that long wavelength exposure (650 –900 nm) over weeks partially restores ATP and improves function. The likely mechanism is via long wavelengths reducing nanoscopic interfacial ...

GNU Radio in a Direct-RF World [video]

EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item <description> tags) Presented by Travis Collins at GNU Radio Conference 2020 https://gnuradio.org/grcon20 Radio architecture has gone through several evolutions since the days ...

The curse of the corporate headshot

D search for the word “business ”or “manager ”, and what comes back? Nothing that remotely resembles business or managers. It isn ’t just that the people are attractive. It is what they are doing. Many stock photos feature well-dressed types sitting around ...

Virtual DOM is pure overhead (2018)

If you've used JavaScript frameworks in the last few years, you've probably heard the phrase 'the virtual DOM is fast', often said to mean that it's faster than the realDOM. It's a surprisingly resilient meme —for example people ...