Why northern Europe is so indebted

Paving the Road to Vulkan on Asahi Linux

As you probably know, I’ve been working together with the rest of the Asahi Linux team on open source GPU drivers for Apple Silicon platforms. It’s been a wild ride! Just at the end of last year we releasedthe first version of our drivers, after many ...

Launch HN: Bloop (YC S21) – Code Search with GPT-4

Hey HN, we’re the cofounders of bloop ( https://bloop.ai/), a code search engine which combines semantic search with GPT-4 to answer questions. We let you search your private codebases either the traditional way (regex or literal) or via semantic search, ...

Doors I touched today (1999)

I photographed every door or drawer knob, handle, or latch I touched from the time I awoke on Thursday, June 3rd, until I went to bed on Friday, June 4th, 1999. Click on any photo below to see the larger context. [Photos were taken in the early years ...

A world to win: WebAssembly for the rest of us

Today I'd like to share the good news that WebAssembly is finally coming for the rest of us weirdos. This is a transcript-alike of a talk that I gave last week at BOB 2023, a gathering in Berlin of people that are using "technologies beyond the ...

ReAct: Synergizing Reasoning and Acting in Language Models

Language models are getting better at reasoning (e.g. chain-of-thought prompting) and acting (e.g. WebGPT, SayCan, ACT-1), but these two directions have remained separate. ReAct asks, what if these two fundamental capabilities are combined? While ...

Spack – scientific software package manager for supercomputers, Linux, and macOS

Spack is a package manager for supercomputers, Linux, and macOS. It makes installing scientific software easy. Spack isn’t tied to a particular language; you can build a software stack in Pythonor R, link to libraries written in C, C++, or Fortran, ...

Chronology Clock

See historical events based on the current time

EasyPost (YC S13) Is Hiring

Our team of problem solvers brings a modern approach to shipping logistics. We collaborate across departments, ask challenging questions, explore new solutions, and take accountability for our wins and mistakes.

The genie escapes: Stanford copies the ChatGPT AI for less than $600

Stanford's Alpaca AI performs similarly to the astonishing ChatGPT on many tasks –but it's built on an open-source language model and cost less than US$600 to train up. It seems these godlike AIs are already frighteningly cheap and easy to ...

CoLT5: Faster Long-Range Transformers With Conditional Computation

Download PDF Abstract:Many natural language processing tasks benefit from long inputs, but processing long documents with Transformers is expensive -- not only due to quadratic attention complexity but also from applying feedforward and ... Bibliographic ...

macOS Cursors

All macOS mouse cursor icons as downloadable SVGs and PNGs

MIT’s Barry Duncan demonstrates the power of writing in reverse

The MIT Press Bookstore staff member charms and amazes with his talent for writing in palindrome — or prose that reads the same forward and backward. Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial ...

SVG Backgrounds

If you found a great use for a background, share your work on Twitter and tag @MattVisiwig and @SVG_Backgrounds. I’d appreciate that! ~ Matt Unlock our premium collection of over 200 backgrounds and tools to help you design ...

Building ClickHouse Cloud from Scratch in a Year

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a serverless software as a service (SaaS) offering in under a year? In this blog post, we will describe how we built ClickHouse Cloud–a managed service on top of one of the most popular online analytical ...

Launch HN: Lume (YC W23) – Generate custom data integrations with AI

Hi HN, we’re Nicolas, Nebyou, and Robert and we’re building Lume ( https://lume.ai). Lume uses AI to generate custom data integrations. We transform data between any start and end schema and pipe the data directly to your desired destination. There ...

Ars: “Book publishers with surging profits struggle to prove IA hurt sales”

Today, the Internet Archive (IA) defended its practice of digitizing books and lending those e-books for free to users of its Open Library. In 2020, four of the wealthiest book publishers suedIA, alleging this kind of digital lending was actually ...

South Korea has the lowest fertility rate, with lessons for us all

Why use Rust on the back end?

I read and liked Andrew Israel's I love building a startup in Rust. I wouldn't pick it again.It makes a lot of sense! He basically says that his startup prioritizes developer productivity over performance. Sensible choice for a start-up founder ...

Show HN: Recursive LLM Prompts

The idea here is to implement recursion using English as the programming language and GPT as the runtime. Basically we come up with a GPT prompt which causes the model to return another slightly updated GPT prompt.

Cyclists now outnumber motorists in City of London

Cyclists are now the “single largest vehicular mode counted during peak times on City streets,” says a report to the transportation committee of the City of London Corporation, the municipal governing body of London’s square mile.

When can two TCP sockets share a local address?

Have you noticed how simple questions sometimes lead to complex answers? Today we will tackle one such question. Category: our favorite - Linux networking. If I navigate to https://blog.cloudflare.com/, my browser will connect to a remote TCP address, ...

Argbash – Bash Argument Parsing Code Generator

Argbash can benefit anybody who writes Bash shell scripts. By taking over your script's command-line argument parsing, it boosts your script's user-friendliness at a negligible cost for you as the developer.

Tell HN: MailChimp blacklists your IP if you open the browser's dev tools

I had to use their silly drag-and-drop email builder because I'm handing the email off to be edited by a non-dev. I dropped in a "Code" module so I could add some custom CSS but because a style tag generates no space, that module is ...

Cesium-137 missing and found in junk yard in Thailand

Dangerous radioactive material that went missing from a Prachinburi power plant has resurfaced at a steel foundry in the province, said provincial governor Ronnarong Nakornjinda on Sunday.

Ask HN: Where can I find a primer on how computers boot?

There are some general/generic things that are the same on most platforms, but even just within Intel-based desktop computers there is a huge variety. Most links here are very useful describing booting from a firmware perspective, CPU perspective, kernel ...

Lessons from a Pessimist: Make Your Pessimism Productive

This year I decided that I want to share my most important learnings about engineering, teams and quite frankly personal mental health. My hope is that those who want to learn from me find it useful.

The British computer magazine cover tape

Future Publishing built its fortune and reputation by covermounting magazines. In fact, a humble cassette is what saved the business. The company was founded by Chris Anderson after he was sacked from ZZAP! 64publisher Newsfield. In a Somerset garage ...

JEP 442: Foreign Function and Memory API (Third Preview)

The JEP 442 Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview) just broke cover. In this article we will explore some new features proposed in this JEP, the JEP being a candidate to be included in JDK 21.

Tinker V: Single-board RISC-V computer

ASUS Tinker Board : Industrial Mini IPC , Embedded Arm based SBC ( Single board computer ) ; ASUS IoT The Asus Tinker Board is a new ARM-based single-board computer (SBC) which stands out from the crowd. It’s tiny, affordable, with strong performance, and targeted at the DIY/hobbyist market....