Patterns of mean-level change in personality traits across the life course
A meta-analysis of 92 samples found that people tend to increase in measures of social dominance, conscientiousness, and emotional stability in young adulthood, while social vitality and openness increase in adolescence but decrease in old age. Agreeableness only changes in old age, and longer studies and studies based on younger cohorts show greater change.

The guide to software development with Guix

Developers can use Guix to create a standalone development environment for their package, and now they can also perform continuous integration and delivery by adding a set of files to their repository to set up Guix-based development environments. By adding a guix.scm file to the root of the repository, developers can build the software with Guix and create a channel to ship package ...

fe: A tiny, embeddable language implemented in ANSI C
The article introduces a lightweight and minimal library for reversing lists in Lisp programming language. The library is free software under the MIT license and welcomes bug reports and questions, but pull requests are unlikely to be merged.

Math Has Changed the Shape of Gerrymandering
Mathematicians are developing statistical methods to detect gerrymandering, which is becoming increasingly difficult to identify due to modern technology. These methods involve comparing a map to an ensemble of thousands or millions of possible maps, and if the map results in noticeably more seats for one political party than expected, it is a sign that something fishy might have taken place.

New version of Monica, codename Chandler, is available in beta
We are delighted to announce that after 18 months of hard work, our new version, codename Chandler, is now available in beta: Monica was born 7 years ago with the goal of being a personal CRM. This new version is about documenting your life, including what your contacts are doing, but not only. What does beta mean? It's like having a bunch of mischievous little ...

GiveCampus (YC S15) Is Hiring Senior Software Engineers for Education
GiveCampus is the world's leading fundraising and engagement platform for non-profit educational institutions. Trusted by 1,000+ colleges, universities, and K-12 schools, our mission is to help advance the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education. We received a seed investment from Y Combinator in 2015 and have pursued a strategy of "Sustainable Growth" ever ...

Air quality monitors: paying more does not get you more accuracy
A study by South Coast AQMD found that the accuracy of air quality monitors is not correlated with their price, with monitors in the price range of $100-$200 offering the best accuracy for PM 2.5 measurements, while the accuracy of the most expensive monitors is the same as that of the cheapest monitors. However, it is important to note that more expensive monitors may measure more air ...

I ditched my car – and improved my fitness, sleep and bank balance
The author recounts his decision to ditch his car over a decade ago, citing the financial and environmental benefits, as well as the opportunity to embrace his neighborhood and meet kind people. While acknowledging the drawbacks, such as increased vulnerability to crime, he ultimately concludes that giving up his car has been a positive change for him personally.

Autocomplete – a JavaScript library for building autocomplete experiences
The article explains how to create an interactive autocomplete experience using JavaScript. It provides instructions on how to configure the required parameters and use the autocomplete-js package to render the autocomplete feature.

Farewell American Computer Magazines
The author reflects on the demise of Dr. Dobb's Journal, a computer magazine that he discovered in his university library and went on to contribute to throughout its history, and discusses the challenges faced by the magazine industry in the digital age, including the decline of ad revenue and the difficulty of providing investigative journalism and other services. The author also considers ...

Xilem Vector Graphics [video]

“Fractureiser” malware in popular Minecraft mods and modpacks

Multiple mods, modpacks, and plugins on CurseForge and Bukkit have been compromised with self-replicating malware that is spreading. Users are advised not to download or update any mods, modpacks, or plugins at this time, and to assume that any files on CurseForge are not safe.

Launch HN: Fastgen (YC W23) – Visual Low-Code Backend Builder

Fastgen is a low code API and workflow builder with an integrated Postgres DB that eliminates boilerplate code and makes it easier to adjust and share work in a visual environment. The platform allows users to sequence actions to form rest APIs and workflows through a drag-and-drop interface, and has a Debug Mode that aids in pinpointing issues and optimizing workflow performance.

Air Purifier vs. Positive Pressure Fresh Air System – An Unfair Battle?
A comparison test was conducted between a positive pressure fresh air system (PPS) and a standalone purifier to determine their effectiveness in reducing ambient PM 2.5 particles. The standalone purifier was able to reduce the ambient PM 2.5 values by about 75%, while the positive pressure system was able to keep PM2.5 at zero no matter what the outside air quality is.

SEC granted emergency restraining order to freeze, repatriate Binance.US assets
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed an emergency restraining order to freeze the assets of Binance.US, the day after filing a 13-charge lawsuit against Binance. The SEC's goal is to ensure that Binance.US customers' assets are protected and remain in the US through the resolution of the SEC's pending litigation of this matter.

Rust Criticism from a Rustacean

I've been using Rust for a little over three years now and I absolutely love it. Rust makes good on a lot of it's promises. Rust makes highly reliable software, makes concurrency and parrallel code much easier to reason about, and will make you a better programmer even on those occasions that you write some code in another language. I could continue heaping praise. But that's not ...

Grass makes better ethanol than corn does (2008)
Farmers in Nebraska and the Dakotas have planted switchgrass, a native North American perennial grass, on a large scale for the first time, proving that it can deliver more than five times more energy than it takes to grow it. The fields yielded from 5.2 to 11.1 metric tons of grass bales per hectare, depending on rainfall, and once established, the grass would deliver an average of 13.1 ...

Vivaldi on Android bypasses restrictions to let users access Bing Chat
Vivaldi has launched version 6.1 on Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks, which is built on top of the Chromium open-source project. The new version masquerades as Microsoft Edge when visiting Bing, allowing users to access Bing Chat on their phone when using Vivaldi.

Google doesn’t want employees working remotely anymore
Google is encouraging employees who work remotely and live near a Google office to switch to a hybrid work schedule, as the company believes that its offices are where employees will be most connected to Google's community. Going forward, new remote work requests will be considered by exception only, and employees who are not designated as remote should be coming into the office three days a ...

FOSSY 2023 (Portland): The First Free and Open Source Software Yearly Conference
Software Freedom Conservancy is so proud to announce that we are hosting a community oriented conference this coming summer. FOSSY (Free and Open Source Yearly) is focused on the creation and impact of free and open source software, uplifting contributors of all experience. We are also mindful of having a safe environment for all. In this new time of conferences, we will be focused on COVID ...

Deepmind Alphadev: Faster sorting algorithms discovered using deep RL
Researchers have used artificial intelligence (AI) to discover new, more efficient sorting algorithms that outperform human benchmarks. The team formulated the task of finding better sorting routines as a single-player game and trained a deep reinforcement learning agent, AlphaDev, to play the game and discover small sorting algorithms from scratch.

CodeTF: One-Stop Transformer Library for State-of-the-Art Code LLM
CodeTF is an open-source Transformer-based library designed for state-of-the-art Code LLMs and code intelligence, with a unified interface to enable rapid access and development across different types of models, datasets, and tasks. The library supports a collection of pretrained Code LLM models and popular code benchmarks, including a standardized interface to train and serve code LLMs ...

Tailscale doesn't want your password
Tailscale, a software that connects private devices across the internet, has introduced passkeys as a modern replacement for passwords. Passkeys are unique for each account and site, tied to the specific app or website it was created for, and can be synchronized across devices using services like iCloud Keychain, Google Password Manager, and 1Password.

Reddit will exempt accessibility-focused apps from unpopular API pricing changes
Reddit is exempting makers of accessibility apps from its new API pricing terms, which has caused concern among developers who may not be able to afford the fees and users who rely on the apps to browse Reddit. The exemption will apply to non-commercial apps that address accessibility needs and will allow developers to access Reddit's data without charge.

HashiCorp just let go 8%

Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

The Cuboid: A DIY air purifier that's better than a box-fan (2021)
The author compares the performance of a box-fan based air purifier to a cuboid design, finding that the cuboid is quieter, more energy-efficient, and better at removing particles. The author also discusses the benefits and drawbacks of adding a high-velocity fan to an air purifier and suggests that a separate fan that can be turned on or off as needed is the best option.

Web Apps on macOS Sonoma 14 Beta
Apple has introduced installable web apps in macOS Sonoma, which seamlessly integrate into the macOS experience and offer various operating system features. Users can add any website to their Dock, adjust the name and icon, and the web app icon appears in the Dock, with maskable icons supported and the typical macOS squircle shape respected.

Wildfire Smoke in Northeastern US Visible on GOES East Images

New data transmission record
Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have developed a new way of transmitting data that could replace hundreds of thousands of lasers in data centres and internet hubs, reducing energy consumption and heat generation. The technique, known as modulation, utilises the wave properties of light to create signals that can be translated into ones and zeros, and the researchers have ...

US CDC sets first federal target for ventilation of indoor air to lower risk,w_1280,c_fill
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its ventilation guidance to include a target of five air changes per hour to help prevent indoor transmission of Covid-19. The guidance also offers recommendations for improving indoor air quality, including opening windows, using fans, and using air filters and purifiers.