Fake review factories that run on Facebook and post five-star Amazon reviews

Fake review factories that run on Facebook and manufacture misleading five-star reviews that are then posted on Amazon have been uncovered by investigators from Which? The consumer group said two large Facebook groups – Amazon Deals Group and Amazon ...

Delaunay and Voronoi on a sphere

19 Oct 2018 I usually work with 2D map generation, in part because it ’s easier, but also in part because I enjoy 2D heightmap games more than 3D map games. I ’ve wanted to learn how to work with spheres so that I could make maps of entire planets, like ...

Sears Kit Homes Changed Housing

Last fall, e-commerce behemoth Amazon elicited bemused reactions when it started selling shipping container homes online. Beyond obvious jokes —was the Prime program simply finding a more straightforward way to ship you everything in your home —it was ...

Who Are My Investors?

I got an email from the CEO of one of our portfolio companies last week. It asked a very basic question, but one that I don’t recall being asked before: I need to know if any of your LPs include  ……….  entities/interests.

Are our brains Bayesian? (2016)

Artificial intelligence researchers have made impressive use of Bayesian inference as a means of approximating some human capabilities, which raises the question: do human judgements and decisions adhere to similar rules? Robert Baindelves into the ...

Falcon: A high-performance web server for Ruby, supporting HTTP/2 and HTTPS

Falcon is a multi-process, multi-fiber rack-compatible HTTP server built on top of async, async-io, async-container and async-http. Each request is run within a lightweight fiber and can block on up-stream requests without stalling the entire server ...

First-Class Automatic Differentiation in Swift

Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer

Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer - Created using three.js [Mouse Move] Change camera position [Up-Down] Change speed - [Left-Right] Change rotation [H] Toggle info and cursor - [F11] Toggle fullscreen Barry Martin's ...

The Single Board Computer Database

With over 250 entries, Board-DB.org is the largest online database and comparison tool for single board computers, ARM development boards and embedded SoM modules. It is frequently updated and no signup is required!


A superpermutation[ 1] is a string formed from a set of n symbols such that every one of the n! permutations of those symbols appears exactly once as a contiguous block of ncharacters in the string. The set of symbols can consist of anything at ...

UBeam CEO Meredith Perry steps aside amidst B2B pivot

After repeatedly missing self-imposed deadlines for progress on its wireless charging-at-a-distance phone case, uBeam’s CEO Meredith Perry has decided to shift out of the CEO position and into a board member and senior advisor role. She’d founded the company in 2011 from her dorm room and...

Status.github.com: “We're failing over a data storage system”

Updates to gist are getting lost. It accepts them as normal but the next page load for the gist is the previous version. Twitter accounts describe the same sort of problem for git repos.

Using Fressian to exchange values between WebAssembly modules and ClojureScript

In Nov 2017 support for compiling directly to wasm landed in Rust. Afterwards there was a window, before wasm-bindgen was thing, where it was simultaneously very easy to compile wasm but very hard to use with javascript: WebAssemblyfunctions can only ...

Transferring GitHub stars

I recently changed the name of one of my projects and it dawned on me: it's probably possible to transfer Github stars! I tested this theory and found it to be true. After pouring lots of love into my new project browniesof course it had no stars. ...

Zero-day in popular jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years

For at least three years, hackers have abused a zero-day in one of the most popular jQuery plugins to plant web shells and take over vulnerable web servers, ZDNet has learned.

An update on GNU performance

The in-development GCC 9 and glibc 2.29 are packed with performance improvements for Arm-based systems. Learn about auto-vectorization enhancements that allow the compiler to make the most of Advanced SIMD instruction set capabilities and math library improvements that accelerate vital...

Smalltalk on the JVM

... because nothing is as productive as Smalltalk, and the App has to run on the Java Virtual Machine.

Problems with infinite scroll

TL;DR: While infinite scroll does provide a solution in some cases, it can be less than ideal for users. In this article, we will explain why you need to stop building websites with infinite scroll. But to start, let's look at a brief history of ...

The Early Days of GitHub – Interview with Tom Preston-Werner

In episode 2 of EnterpriseReady, Grant chats with Tom Preston-Werner about how the open source company he co-founded, GitHub, rose up to become an essential coding resource for developers everywhere.

Hello P5.js Web Editor

Today we are excited to announce the official release of editor.p5js.org! The p5.js Web Editor is an online platform for learning to code in a visual way. Designed for all ages and abilities, anyone can get started quickly creating, editing, and sharing ...

Run Perl in the browser with WebPerl

WebPerl uses the power of WebAssembly and Emscripten to let you run Perl 5 in the browser! WebPerl does not translate your Perl code to JavaScript, instead, it is a port of the perlbinary to WebAssembly, so that you have the full power of Perl at ...

Why Kodak Died and Fujifilm Thrived: A Tale of Two Film Companies

The Kodak moment is gone, but today Fujifilm thrives after a massive reorganization. Here is a detailed analysis based on firsthand accounts from top executives and factual financial data to understand how and why the destinies of two similar companies ...

Even After Fix, Windows 10 Update Is Botching File Operations

When it was discovered earlier this month that the 1809 build of Windows 10 was deleting user files just because, Microsoft halted the update until the problem was fixed. Shame, then, that another not-as-bad-but-still-bad file overwriting bug has now reared its head....

Ask HN: Am I just a wantrepreneur?

I am a wantrepreneur. For over 7 years, I have wanted to start something. Really hard, wanted. Surely, I have tried to find an audience for a twisted "Come Dine With Me" (but who would host 3 others random unknown people in their own house??), ...

The Looming Danger of Non-Banks

The most likely cause of a future financial crisis isn't the banks, it's the non-banks. They're enormous, they're much less regulated than banks are, and they tend to have much greater leverage.

Web accessibility for 2019

Today ’s web content is amazingly rich. It varies from standard HTML to complex web apps full of media; such as animation, data visualization, video games, mixed reality and VR, to name a few. Such content is often inaccessible or poorly accessible, which ...

RedisGraph: a fast, queryable property graph database for Redis

 RedisGraph is the first queryable property graph database to use sparse adjacency matrices and linear algebra to represent and query graphs. Here we'll quickly create a small graph representing a subset of motorcycle riders and teams ...

How the 1,500 HP Koenigsegg Regera Hits 248 MPH Without a Gearbox

Christian von Koenigsegg is one of the most inventive and creative automaker chiefs of all time. Just eight months ago, he came up with an idea for his first hybrid supercar, the Regera, though he refuses to call it a hybrid. But unlike every other supercar, this one has no gearbox...

Mass-Produced Electric Lada from 30 Years Ago

People admire the rise of electric cars these days. The Tesla Model S is said to be revolutionary and to have changed the way electric cars are marketed and accepted in the world. Every brand is trying to come up with its own electric car. ...

Tiny Island Nation to Host World’s Largest Microgrid

The tiny Pacific island nation of Palau announced last week that it will soon become the home of the world’s largest microgrid, a development that could help it ramp up to 70 percent renewable energy over the next three decades.