I want an iPhone Mini-sized Android phone

My name is Eric Migicovsky and I love small phones. It’s weird because I am 6’6” but I never enjoyed using a large phone. I loved the Sony Xperia Compact series. RIP... If you want a small premium Android phone, this may be your last chance ...

Everything you ever wanted to know about terminals

so here's a short tutorial on ansi escape codes and terminal control, because you philistines won't stop using ncurses and oh my god WHY ARE WE STILL USING NCURSES IT IS THE TWENTY FIRST FUCKING CENTURY #include <unistd.h> #define ...

Plagiarism Today Plagiarized in a Plagiarism Atonement Essay

Most mornings, right after I wake up, my morning tasks include gathering any copyright and/or plagiarism news stories that I can find on the internet. I read pretty much all of them, some copyright-related ones go into the 3 Count column and other stories ...

Using a "proper" camera as a webcam

It's 2022, so many of us now have 2 years experience of online meetings. My experience is that the better that I can see and hear someone in an online call, the more natural the conversation feels. Put another way, I think one does a courtesy to ...

Picasso's self portrait evolution from age 15 to age 90

Picasso’s self-portraits are important because they span his entire career, and we can trace how his manner of self-depiction changed over time. It ’s interesting to compare the self-portraits from, for instance, the Blue Period to those done when ...

Gato – A Generalist Agent

Download PDF Abstract:Inspired by progress in large-scale language modeling, we apply a similar approach towards building a single generalist agent beyond the realm of text outputs. The agent, which we refer to as Gato, works as a multi-modal, ...

A dev's thoughts on developer productivity

Developers are systems thinkers and yet, most measures of developer productivity are metrics-based, instead of systems-based. In this post, Sourcegraph co-founder and CTO Beyang Liu presents five charts that visualize what really matters for developer productivity.

Riot Games Tech Blog: Artificial Latency for Remote Competitors

The best place to watch LoL Esports and earn rewards!

Let's build a distributed Postgres proof of concept

What is CockroachDB under the hood? Take a look at its go.mod and notice a number of dependencies that do a lot of work: a PostgreSQL wire protocol implementation, a storage layer, a Raft implementation for distributed consensus. And not part of go.mod ...

Improving the foundation of our falling sand simulator

This post is the second part in a series. Make sure to start with: Making a falling sand simulator first! In the previous post, our Grid held hex strings, or a 0. If we want to be able to add new particles with different rules, we need to ...

Show HN: Bike – macOS Native Outliner

“We were promised bicycles for the mind, but we got aircraft carriers instead” – Jonathan Edwards Bike is a macOS native outliner. Bike has good performance on big outlines. Bike uses open file formats and is scriptable too. Use Bike to record and ...

Reviving Mind (YC W22) Is Hiring a Product Manager for Digital Health

At Reviving Mind, we are on a mission to change the face of preventative healthcare as only 3% of the population live a healthy lifestyle. We do this by integrating mental health support through Group therapy with evidence based Lifestyle Medicine coaching. ...

Comby - Structural code search and replace for every language

This talk shares the core ideas and motivation behind Comby, and example uses and applications. Mini abstract: Regex-based search-and-replace falls short of recognizing program syntax that so often correspond to expressions in code. Many approaches and ...

Netflix lays off about 150 employees

May 17 (Reuters) - Netflix (NFLX.O) on Tuesday said it has laid off about 150 people, mostly in the United States, as the streaming service company faces slowing growth. The job cuts come as Netflix reported its first loss of subscribers in more than ...

Launch HN: Infra (YC W21) – Open-source access management for Kubernetes

Infra enables you to discover and access infrastructure (e.g. Kubernetes, databases). We help you connect an identity provider such as Okta or Azure active directory, and map users/groups with the permissions you set to your infrastructure.

Show HN: AI generated Magic The Gathering cards

Arp 2600 Patch Book [pdf]

Fast Lane to Learning R

This site is for those who know nothing of R, and maybe even nothing of programming, and seek QUICK, PAINLESS! entree to the world of R. FAST: You'll already be doing good stuff in R -- useful data analysis -- in your very first lesson.

Forgit: A utility tool powered by fzf for using Git interactively

This tool is designed to help you use git more efficiently. It's lightweight and easy to use. # for zplug zplug 'wfxr/forgit ' # for zgen zgen load 'wfxr/forgit ' # for antigen antigen bundle 'wfxr/forgit ' #for ...

I finally got Twitter after years of not getting it

But Twitter was always a mystery to me. It was different and I just didn't get it. This changed in 2022. I've now been active on Twitter for a few months, and I love it. So, I'm dedicating this article to my 400 followers and Twitter friends.

Solar-powered desalination device wins MIT $100K competition

Nona Desalination is developing a compact water-desalination device that requires less electricity than a cell phone charger. Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and ...

Tell HN: Startup School 2022 – returning to live event, with meetups worldwide

Hi HN! Today we’re launching Startup School 2022. Startup School is YC’s free online course to learn how to start a startup. The 2022 course will be 7 weeks, starting June 27, 2022. More info and the signup page is at https://www.startupschool.org/

So you want to run a virtual event

If you’re an event organizer right now, you’re in a tough spot. You’re desperate to get back to running an in-person event, but you know it isn’t quite safe yet. Maybe you ’ve seen in-person events in your community lead to large-scale COVID outbreaks ...

Atmospheric Pollution from Rockets [pdf]

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Dolphin Progress Report: February, March, and April 2022

After a long wait, the Progress Report is back! This time it wasn't so much from a lack of content, but from a lack of content creators. The past three months had illnesses hit one of our writers and the other had a very challenging move. Even with these major hurdles jumped, we're not even...

My Unholy Battle with a Rock64

I’ve got this rock64, which is an aarch64 board comparable to a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with 4 gigs of ram. For years I’ve wanted to put a distribution on here that doesn’t have a premade image available, mainly because out of all the options on that page I don’t actually like any of them. Well,...

The impact of digital media on children’s intelligence

Digital media defines modern childhood, but its cognitive effects are unclear and hotly debated. We believe that studies with genetic data could clarify causal claims and correct for the typically unaccounted role of genetic predispositions. Here, ...

Workers deserve the right to disconnect (2021)

As soon as I was hired for my last job, a minimum-wage retail assistant role, I was added to the work WhatsApp. I quickly saw that my boss would bombard the chat at all hours, asking staff to locate customer orders, or explain emails they ’d sent ...

Husky, Datadog's Third-Generation Event Store

This is the story of “Husky”, a new event storage system we built at Datadog. Building a new storage system is a fun and exciting undertaking —and one that shouldn ’t be taken lightly. Most importantly, it does not happen in a vacuum. To understand the ...

Thinking Machines – Introduction to Data Parallel Supercomputing (1989)