Web-assembly powered WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor, supporting nearly all LaTeX package

SwiftLaTeX is a Web-browser based editor to create PDF documents such as reports, term projects, slide decks, in the typesetting system LaTeX. In contrast to other web-based editors SwiftLaTeX is true WYSIWYG, What-you-see-is-what-you-get: You edit ...

Ask HN: Best book / resources on leadership (especially for tech teams)

Although I know self help books are of little value, but wondering if any author has really nailed the topic? Would be even be better if the book is specific to tech leadership.

A visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments

TL;DR: here's a diagram to help you debug your deployments in Kubernetes (and you can ). a Deployment — which is a recipe for creating copies of your application called Pods an Ingress—a description of how the traffic should flow from outside the ...

Arcade Game Typography

The first book of its kind –a definitive and beautifully designed survey of ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s arcade game pixel typography. Exhaustively researched by author Toshi Omagari (a celebrated typeface designer at Monotype UK) Arcade Game Typography ...

Making a text adventure game with GPT2

(Want to play the game or see the code? Click here) When I read Ender ’s Game, one of the parts that most stuck with me was the delightfully creepy Mind Game –a game designed to probe the player ’s subconcious. In the book, we learn that the Mind Game ...

Collection of Software Bugs

Risks Digest: http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/ z.B. Sojourner, Altona, Reverse Thrust, Banking bugs, DMV California, SDI Newsgroup comp.risks http://www.math.psu.edu/dna/disasters/ Sleipner, Ariane 5, Patriot Accuracy and Reliability in Scinetific ...

How I Switched to Plan 9

Hi, I’m SL. You may remember me from my classic appearances in contentious 9fans threads, or maybe you’ve read one of my books. I’m a veteran UNIX admin of 20+ years. I produced a bunch of multimedia stuff on a Macbook in the mid-2000s. I ran 9front ...

Proxmox VE 6.1 – Open-Source virtualization platform

VIENNA, Austria – December 04, 2019 –Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH, developer of the open-source virtualization management platform Proxmox VE, today released version 6.1. The new version of Proxmox VE is based on Debian Buster (10.2) and a 5.3 Linux ...

Spain planning on going ahead with ‘Google tax’ despite US tariff threats

Spain will press ahead with the creation of a tax on certain digital services as soon as a government is formed, according to sources from the caretaker executive. This so-called “Google tax ”could, however, raise the ire of the United States, which ...

Busyness leads to bad decisions

Let ’s see if this sounds familiar: You churn through the day at work under deadline pressure, racing to meetings, dashing off emails, feeling busy, purposeful and a little breathless. Yet as the end of the traditional workday draws near, you realise ...

DeepSpeech 0.6

The Machine Learning team at Mozilla continues work on DeepSpeech, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine which aims to make speech recognition technology and trained models openly available to developers. DeepSpeech is a deep learning-based ASR ...

Chicken Dots

Chicken dots appears in our microwave slang dictionary. The origin of the name is not clear, we think it has to do with an engineer being "chicken" that his/her design won't work. It might be a reference to "goose bumps". If ...

React Suspense

Suspense is and will become a game changer when it comes to data fetching. It changes the way we structure our code, think about loading states and gives a better experience for both the developers and the users' interface.

Why Climate Alarmism Hurts Us All

In July of this year, one of Lauren Jeffrey ’s science teachers made an off-hand comment about how climate change could be apocalyptic. Jeffrey is 17 years old and attends high school in Milton Keynes, a city of 230,000 people about 50 miles ...

Natural Language Processing Best Practices and Examples

In recent years, natural language processing (NLP) has seen quick growth in quality and usability, and this has helped to drive business adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. In the last few years, researchers have been applying newer ...

Robert Boyle’s to-do list (2010)

Have you ever wished you could swim underwater for extended periods without scuba-gear? Wanted to be taller? Wished you could put a halt to the ageing process? As it happens, you’re not alone. Over three hundred years ago, Robert Boyle FRSwrote a ...

I spent 22 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. AMA

Not Sean (obviously), but I think this might be one of the few problems that can be solved by throwing money at it. More pay for public defenders makes it a job more attorneys will want to do, rather than taking a job at a fancy law firm (and likely burning ...

Explore Magic Cap, a Smartphone OS from a Decade Before the iPhone

Next in our series of "people who left Apple and founded a revolutionary company that was ahead of its time and created amazing products but ultimately failed," let's check out General Magic and their operating system called Magic Cap.

Long S

Jump to navigation Jump to search The long s ( ſ) is an archaic form of the lower case letter s. It replaced a single s, or the first in a double s, at the beginning or in the middle of a word (e.g. " ſinfulne ſs" for "sinfulness" ...

Dgsh – Directed Graph Shell

The directed graph shell, dgsh ( pronounced /dæɡʃ/ — dagsh), provides an expressive way to construct sophisticated and efficient big data set and stream processing pipelines using existing Unix tools as well as custom-built components. It is a Unix-style ...

America’s Air Quality Worsens, Ending Years of Gains, Study Says

New data reveals that damaging air pollution has increased nationally since 2016, reversing a decades-long trend toward cleaner air. “After a decade or so of reductions, ”said Nick Muller, a professor of economics, engineering and ...

Efficient lock-free durable sets

Efficient lock-free durable sets Zuriel et al., OOPSLA'19 Given non-volatile memory (NVRAM), the naive hope for persistence is that it would be a no-op: what happens in memory, stays in memory. Unfortunately, a very similar set of issues to those concerned with flushing volatile memory to...

The Logic of Information: A Theory of Philosophy as Conceptual Design

Luciano Floridi elucidated and popularized the ideas of Infosphere, Philosophy of information, The Ethics of Information and Fourth Revolution. The present book has a more ambitious program then the previous ones: a proposed new foundation for philosophy. ...

A web-based artwork a day

One online artwork a day for 30 days, starting 16 th of november 2019

Atari 8-Bit Display List Interrupts: An Advanced Tutorial

This is a tutorial on advanced Display List Interrupts (DLIs) for the Atari 8-bit series of computers. In a nutshell, DLIs provide a way to notify your program when a particular scan line is reached, allowing you to make changes mid-screen.

SafeLife: AI Safety Environments Based on Conway's Game of Life

The Partnership on AI (PAI) is today releasing SafeLife – a novel reinforcement learning environment that tests the safety of reinforcement learning agents and the algorithms that train them. SafeLife version 1.0 focuses on the problem of avoiding negative side effects—how can we train an agent...

Create-React-App 3.3

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Software Security Is a Programming Languages Issue (2018)

This is the the last of three posts on the course I regularly teach, CS 330, Organization of Programming Languages. The first two posts covered programming language styles and mathematical concepts. This post covers the last 1/4 of the course, which ...

Tron: Evolution – SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years later

Players trying to launch Tron: Evolution are now met with a message telling them that the serial key has expired. This applies to the retail version as well as the Steam version which is delisted from the store. Players who previously bought the game can no longer install the game, and are met wi...

Coming Soon: AWS Graviton2 Processor for AWS

We launched the first generation (A1) of Arm-based, Graviton-powered EC2 instances at re:Invent 2018. Since that launch, thousands of our customers have used them to run many different types of scale-out workloads including containerized microservices, web servers, and data/log processing. The...