Supermium – Chromium fork for Win 2003/XP and newer
Supermium is a Chromium-based browser designed for both legacy and modern Windows platforms, offering privacy enhancements and less dependency on GitHub. It supports older systems without enforcing HTTPS, and unlike Chrome, it maintains support for Manifest V2 extensions.

Zoomable, translated version of the 15th century Mappa Mundi

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Show HN: Hancho – A simple and pleasant build system in ~500 lines of Python
Hancho is a Python-based build system that merges Ninja's speed with Bazel's syntax, allowing for fast command execution and extensible build rule functions. It simplifies the build process by not requiring separate rules for each output file and supports calling arbitrary Python code.

David Holladay, blindness technology pioneer, dies at age 70

Duxbury Systems mourns the loss of David Holladay, a pioneering braille software innovator, who passed after an accident. His contributions to accessibility and braille technology were significant, and his funeral will be streamed online.

ShotSpotter: listening in on the neighborhood
A leaked spreadsheet revealed the secretive locations of SoundThinking's (formerly ShotSpotter) acoustic sensors, which detect gunfire for law enforcement but face criticism for potential civil rights impacts and lack of independent efficacy validation. The article's author investigates the sensors in Albuquerque, noting their urban density and distribution patterns reflecting socioeconomic ...

Open Beam Interface
The article discusses a board designed to enhance data accessibility for microscopes, compatible with many SEMs and FIBs, and thanks sponsors for supporting its development. It highlights the board's ability to interface with external beam controls and the ongoing search for more microscopes and sponsors.

First known photos of 'lost bird' captured by scientists
Scientists have photographed the "lost" Yellow-crested Helmetshrike in the Congo after nearly 20 years, raising hopes for its population amidst threats like deforestation. The UTEP-led expedition also rediscovered a frog species unseen since the 1950s.

CS 6120: Advanced Compilers: The Self-Guided Online Course

CS 6120 is a Cornell PhD course on programming language implementation, covering both foundational compiler topics and advanced research areas. The curriculum includes readings, videos, and practical tasks using LLVM and a custom IR, all open source on GitHub.

An Apple district manager's Macintosh Portable in 1989-91 (featuring GEIS Apple
The article details a collector's exploration of a late prototype Macintosh Portable with unique features and pre-production content, including a beta OS and Apple sales applications. It also describes the Portable's specs, market performance, and software relics.

Telegram for America (1956)
The article showcases Western Union's history, telegraph services, and technological advancements like fax and mobile telegrams, with vivid 1950s imagery. Reviewers praise its historical insight and technological evolution.

An Unbelievable Demo (2021)
The author narrates an encounter with a Sun Microsystems VIP who unknowingly presented the author's own open source DTrace tools as a new product. Sun had stripped the author's name and open source licenses from the tools, highlighting a cultural issue within the company.

Megaparsec Tutorial

The article details a standalone tutorial on Megaparsec, a Haskell parsing library, and discusses its evolution, features, and how to use it effectively, including handling custom parsing errors and stream types. It compares Megaparsec with other parsing libraries, highlighting its balance between speed, flexibility, and error message quality.

The Substantiality of Spirit: Georgiana Houghton's Pictures from the Other Side
Georgiana Houghton's 1871 London exhibition showcased her unique, spiritualist paintings, which predated abstract art. She believed in communicating with entities in the spirit world, a concept reflected in her works that were largely unrecognized by historians.

What was life – and death – like for Roman legionaries?
Germanicus discovers the grim aftermath of a Roman army defeated by Germanic tribes in the Teutoburg Forest, a defeat which halted Rome's expansion east of the Rhine. The site, now a museum, reflects on the violence of the past and its appropriation by modern far-right groups.

Algorithmic Thinking (2nd Edition)
Daniel Zingaro's "Algorithmic Thinking: Unlock Your Programming Potential" is a comprehensive guide for learning algorithms through problem-solving, offering practical explanations and updated content in its second edition. The book is praised for its clarity, engaging problems, and step-by-step solutions that make complex concepts accessible to learners and professionals.

Laurie Anderson on making AI chatbot of Lou Reed: 100%, sadly addicted
Laurie Anderson, deeply engaged with AI, has created a virtual version of her late partner Lou Reed, using his digital legacy to interact with his style and vocabulary. Her exhibition and talks explore the artistic and ethical implications of AI in creative processes.

Sequent Calculus as a Compiler Intermediate Language (2016) [pdf]

The article discusses Sequent Core, a new intermediate language based on sequent calculus for compiler optimization, comparing it to the λ-calculus. It details Sequent Core's implementation in the Glasgow Haskell Compiler and its potential advantages in control flow and optimization.

Ente: Open-Source, E2E Encrypted, Google Photos Alternative
Protect your photos and videos with Ente - a secure, cross-platform, open source, encrypted photos app. Automatic backups, end-to-end encryption, collaborative albums, family plans, library-sync, 1-click import, human support, locked photos, live photos, descriptions, private sharing, search and more.

Ask HN: How can I learn about performance optimization?

The article recommends Denis Bakhvalov's resources and Brendan Gregg's blog for learning performance optimization, emphasizing app architecture and big picture over micro techniques. It also mentions a story about Steve Jobs inspiring a faster Mac boot time.

Byte Interviews the Apple Lisa Dev Team (1983)

Wintergatan Marble Machine (2016) [video]

Learning Theory from First Principles [pdf]

The article discusses the ubiquity of data and the importance of machine learning for automated processing, emphasizing the need for learning theory to guide new techniques. The textbook aims to present learning theory principles and mathematical guarantees for widely used learning algorithms.

Generating transparent images using Stable Diffusion XL
The article discusses a work-in-progress extension for generating transparent images and layers with SD WebUI, with some functionalities still under development. It also advises content creators on model changes and showcases the transparent diffusion's capabilities with a video.

Large solar farms could trigger rain in the desert

Writing a Minecraft server from scratch in Bash (2022)
The author recounts their challenges and solutions in creating a Minecraft server using Bash, highlighting issues with binary data parsing and implementing various data types. They also describe optimizations made to handle the game's real-time demands and data structures for the server.

Mathematicians prove Pólya's conjecture for the eigenvalues of a disk
Polterovich and team confirmed Pólya's spectral geometry conjecture for disks, a challenge unsolved since 1954. Their theoretical proof has potential applications in physics and numerical computation.

Goodbye GUI … Hello NUI (1997)
The article discusses the emergence of Network User Interfaces (NUIs) which are set to revolutionize GUIs by integrating browser-like features and dynamic web content into desktops. These NUIs aim to simplify user interaction with local and network resources, and blur the lines between different types of applications.

How user groups made software reuse a reality
Developers used to search for code in books or user group catalogs before software repositories, contributing their own code for shared use. User groups facilitated code sharing and quality standards, evolving from manual code porting to cooperative development amid technological advances.

Gamedev in Lisp. Part 1: ECS and Metalinguistic Abstraction
The article introduces a tutorial series on creating 2D games with Common Lisp, covering environment setup and basic simulation. It discusses Lisp's unique features like metalinguistic abstraction and the Entity-Component-System pattern for game development.

One of Science's Biggest Errors Persisted for 1,500 Years
A basic understanding of the solar system is something we take for granted today, but Western science had things wrong for some 1,500 years. Blame the Moon, and blame a man named Claudius Ptolemy. Around the year 150, the Roman Alexandrian scholar wrote a massive compendium of ancient math later (and famously) called the Almagest. It was a stunning achievement, and laid the mathematical ...