The tiny chip that powers Montreal subway tickets
MIFARE Ultralight EV1芯片是一种低成本、可废弃的NFC芯片,使用简单的协议与读取器通信,并将数据存储在EEPROM中。该芯片使用的是180nm的老式制造工艺,设计成本低廉,每个芯片的价格为9美分,使其适合废弃使用。

I am using AI to drop hats outside my window onto New Yorkers
DropofaHat Zone 的创造者分享了他们使用 Raspberry Pi、Adafruit 步进电机和 Roboflow 开发的 AI 助手帽下落系统的旅程。该系统使用物体检测来识别窗口下的人行道,并在 5 分钟内将帽子抛洒到他们的头上。

Detecting hallucinations in large language models using semantic entropy
The authors propose a method called semantic entropy to detect confabulations in language models, which are arbitrary and incorrect generations. They demonstrate that semantic entropy can be used to predict model accuracy and improve it by refusing to answer questions when the model is uncertain, and it can also be used to give users a way to know when model generations are probably unreliable.

Y combinator codex
The artwork measures 42cm x 2.4m with white margins, created using various tools and materials. It will be sold as a print or auctioned off at the European Lisp Symposium 2021, with proceeds donated to Lisp-related organizations.

Llama.ttf: A font which is also an LLM

Llama.ttf is a font file that also contains a large language model and inference engine, allowing users to run text generation locally in Harfbuzz-based applications. By using the font, users can generate text without relying on vendor implementations, and even chat with their font.

82 Copies of Shakespeare's First Folio on Display at Folger Shakespeare Library
outreach 计划,包括首次展出82本莎士比亚的“第一folio”。该图书馆旨在吸引更广泛的受众,强调人文学科和艺术在功能民主社会中的重要性,并将其收藏数字化,以提高对其材料的访问权限。

LINQPad – The .NET Programmer's Playground
LINQPad是一个查询工具,允许用户查询各种数据库和数据源,不需要安装客户端软件,具有缓存、性能优化和高级功能,如图表和调试等。它还包括了一系列工具,用于任务,如基准测试、正则表达式评估和 Excel 文件生成,以及详尽的教程和参考指南。

Deriving Dependently-Typed OOP from First Principles
The expression problem highlights the difficulty of extending types with both new producers and consumers, and dependently-typed programming typically follows a functional model. This paper explores dependently-typed object-oriented programming by deriving it from first principles using duality, providing a dependently typed calculus with dual language fragments and preserving transformations.

Arbitrary shell command evaluation in Org Mode (GNU Emacs)
Emacs Org 模式中存在一个漏洞,允许在打开特定的 .org 文件时执行任意 Elisp 代码。已经发布了一份修复该问题的补丁,该补丁已经包含在 Emacs 29.4 和 Org 9.7.5 中。

Continue (YC S23) is hiring a founding engineer in San Francisco
The company seeks full-stack developers to join their open-source community, focusing on crafting a great developer experience and building innovative code search and generation tools. Ideal candidates are detail-oriented, user-focused, and passionate about learning from users while shipping high-quality products quickly.

Picolisp a Railroad Simulation,compress&gif-q=60&format=webm
The article discusses a railroad model simulation using Discrete Event Simulation (DES) in PicoLisp, featuring a track network and trains with schedules and movements determined dynamically. The simulation can be controlled with keyboard input, allowing users to interact with the layout and toggle switches.

Start all of your commands with a comma (2009)

The user created a ~/bin/ directory and added it to their PATH, but encountered issues with command name collisions due to Debian's large number of available commands. They solved this by prefixing their custom command names with a comma, making them distinct from system commands and easily browsable using tab-completion.

Singapore doubles down on lab-grown meat as Silicon Valley backs off
Eat Just 的培养鸡肉,Good Meat 3,现已在新加坡 Huber's Butchery 店中上市,这是全球首次培养肉在店中可购买。这个launch 是行业里的一大里程碑,因为高生产成本和投资者缺乏兴趣,使得行业很难获得推动,但新加坡的法规环境和创新社区正帮助推动进步。

The End-of-Line Story (2004)

ASCII 标准中没有定义唯一的换行符字符,这导致了操作系统之间的多样性,这个问题在网络通信中被 Jon Postel 解决,并被应用于 FTP、SMTP 等协议,使得大多数用户无需关心,但是仍然在某些情况下引起问题。

Asynchronous Consensus Without Trusted Setup or Public-Key Cryptography

Feral pigeons and the London Pigeon String Foot and Rescue group
domesticated,现已被广泛憎恨,视为脏、疾病感染的“飞鼠”,这都是由于一系列误解和偏见。尽管它们具有出色的智慧、社会行为和适应城市环境的能力,野鸽子却常常受到虐待和忽视,需要像伦敦鸽子脚部和救援组织等机构投入细心的努力和 dedication 来进行康复。

Timeliness without datagrams using QUIC

"We argue that mitochondria are the processor of the cell" (2022)

Review of Linux on Minisforum V3 AMD Ryzen Tablet
Minisforum V3 AMD 平板电脑,这是一款便携式的 Linux 设备,配备 14 英寸 2.5K 165Hz 触摸屏、AMD Ryzen 7 8840U 处理器和 32GB DDR5 RAM。用户已经使用了两周,发现这款设备几乎是完美的,性能、灵活性和 Linux 兼容性都很好。用户注意到一些minor 问题,例如缺乏自动旋转、音量控制问题和风扇噪音,但总的来说用户很满意这款设备,希望未来 firmware 更新和改进。

Optimizing the Roc parser/compiler with data-oriented design
DoD)是一种技术,旨在通过将代码结构化以高效地利用硬件来优化程序性能,主要关注于内存受限的问题。作者将 DoD 应用到 Roc 编译器中,通过重新排列数据结构和使用数组存储数据,实现了更快和更高效的代码。

SquirrelFS: Using the Rust compiler to check file-system crash consistency

Adding view count and like button to 11ty

· 8 minutes of read · views I like 11ty for its simplicity. Once you understand that its documentation is shit[1] and you are left alone in this developer life to struggle in the ultimate quest to achieve enlightenment, you might even say that it's a good blogging framework that can teach you important lessons about craving and duḥkha. A few months ago, I was eager to add some small ...

Of Psion and Symbian,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Psion,英国一家公司,是手持计算机和操作系统的先驱,包括EPOC32和Symbian OS,这些操作系统被用于各种设备,如Psion Organiser、Series 3和Series 5。尽管Psion的创新产品和早期成功,但该公司 ultimately struggled to adapt to changing market trends and was eventually acquired by Nokia,which continued to develop and license the Symbian OS until its decline in the 2010s。

US Forest Service proposes protections for old-growth trees, without logging ban
The Biden administration has proposed a plan to preserve old-growth trees in national forests, but environmental groups say it falls short of an outright ban on logging and leaves too much up to individual forest managers. The proposal aims to prioritize preserving old-growth trees, but critics argue it doesn't address protecting mature trees and allows for logging in some cases, sparking ...

Fixing a memory leak of xmlEntityPtr in librsvg

The fuzzer found a memory leak in librsvg when parsing invalid XML documents with entity definitions, which was fixed by adding an impl Drop for a wrapper around xmlEntityPtr to automatically free the entities when the hash table is freed. This approach allows Rust to automatically manage the external resources, making the code simpler and more reliable.

Traffic noise hurts children's brains
Noise pollution is a growing global problem that affects children's health and learning, with cities like Barcelona introducing measures to reduce noise levels and improve air quality. Cities are implementing superblocks, which separate schools from busy roads and add green spaces, to reduce noise and air pollution, and potentially improve children's mental health and well-being.

Character Tiling
2D 游戏的基于瓷砖的背景方面的经验,包括他们自己的游戏和他人的游戏,着重于设计和压缩级别数据的挑战和技术。他们还讨论了瓷砖映射的演进,从早期的 8 位计算机到现代 PC 游戏,以及压缩和解压算法的重要性。

Hacking eInk Price Tags (2021)
Samsung/SoluM 电子货架标签(ESL)设备,一台黑白电子墨水显示屏,并创建了自定义固件以启用无线图像更新和图片框架模式。作者还实施了各种优化,例如电源管理、加密和wear-leveling,以提高设备的性能和安全性。

I've stopped using box plots (2021)
The author argues that box plots are poorly designed and unnecessarily hard to learn, leading to misinterpretation and failure to communicate distribution-based insights to audiences. Alternative chart types such as strip plots and distribution heatmaps are easier to grasp and can communicate the same insights without requiring audiences to understand complex concepts like quartiles.

Words you can spell with a calculator (2005)

The input contains a list of words from the /usr/share/dict/words file, filtered by a regular expression pattern. The words are mostly English words, with some proper nouns and abbreviations, and are used to test the filtering pattern.