ChatGPT-4 significantly increased performance of BCG consultants
New research from Harvard and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) explores the effects of AI on knowledge worker productivity. The study found that GPT-4 increased BCG consultants' performance by over 40%.

Flexbox Froggy
Flexbox Froggy is created by Codepip • GitHub • Twitter • Settings

Adding runtime benchmarks to the Rust compiler benchmark suite

This post describes the design and implementation of a runtime benchmark suite for measuring the performance of Rust programs, which was recently added into the Rust compiler suite.

PSA: Some Pixel owners still can't dial 911 during an emergency
Reports have emerged that some Pixel phones still have issues with emergency calling, despite a bug being fixed in January 2022. Users have reported difficulties connecting to 911 emergency services on Google Pixel smartphones. This issue has been ongoing, with multiple incidents reported.

White House warns of ‘unprecedented’ Serbian troop buildup on Kosovo border
The White House has warned of an 'unprecedented' buildup of Serbian troops and armor along the Kosovo border and called for their immediate withdrawal. The US is consulting with allies to ensure the peacekeeping force in Kosovo matches the threat.

Delphia (YC W18) Is Hiring
# **About Delphia** [Delphia]( is building a new kind of asset manager that rethinks the value of data and how it can be used to gain an edge in forecasting markets. We believe that actively managing people’s data can unlock new forms of wealth creation for individual and institutional investors alike. To build the next [Millennium]( (and eventually, ...

My Lobotomy: Howard Dully's Journey (2005)
On Jan. 17, 1946, psychiatrist Walter Freeman performed the first-ever transorbital lobotomy in the US. Freeman believed that cutting the brain could cure mental illness. He performed lobotomies on 2,500 patients before his death in 1972. Howard Dully, one of Freeman's youngest patients, embarked on a journey to learn about his lobotomy.

Making a music library without a SPA
Enhance Music is a music library and audio player app built with HTML and CSS, and progressively enhanced with JavaScript. It features an audio player that persists across page loads and interactive UI built with web standards. The app demonstrates that building a Single Page App (SPA) is not always necessary for richly interactive and stateful experiences.
The article discusses the decline in descriptive images on the events listings due to copyright infringement issues. The author has been fined for using images that were supplied by event venues without proper permission or license. As a result, the author has decided to reduce the number of header images on events.

How to Use Monadic Operations for `std:optional` in C++23
New operations added to std::optional in C++23 offer a more concise and expressive way to work with optional values, reducing boilerplate and improving code readability. The introduction of monadic operations in C++23 allows for chaining calls together, reducing the need for nested if/else checks and improving error handling.

Show HN: A C++ dump func. that can print multi-D vectors, maps, tuples, and all
Outputs to the standard error output (std::clog) string representations of a wide variety of types: multidimensional arrays, (multi)maps, (multi)sets, complex numbers, even error objects, and etc.

WiFi without internet on a Southwest flight
During a recent flight, the author tried to use the flight's wifi without internet access. They discovered a successful request for current.json, which provided data for the in-flight wifi portal's flight status page. The author collected the data and analyzed it, finding that the plane's altitude was stable and the flight was smooth.

Show HN: RISC-V assembly tabletop board game (hack your opponent)
I made a tabletop board game to teach my daughter about buffer overflows and the fun of programming. The game involves creating a small shellcode in memory and exploiting a buffer overflow to overwrite the opponent's return address. Players share the same memory and execute the same program, taking turns to execute instructions.

SIMH – Old Computer Emulator
SIMH is a free and open source, multi-platform multi-system emulator. It was started in 1993 with the purpose of preserving minicomputer hardware and software that was fading into obscurity.

RealFill: Image completion using diffusion models
Recent advances in generative imagery have brought forth outpainting and inpainting models that can produce high-quality, plausible image content in unknown regions, but the content these models hallucinate is necessarily inauthentic, since the models lack sufficient context about the true scene. In this work, we propose RealFill, a novel generative approach for image completion that fills in ...

Cloudflare launches new AI tools to help customers deploy and run models
Cloudflare has launched a new suite of AI tools to help customers deploy and run models. The offerings include Workers AI, which allows customers to access nearby GPUs to run AI models on a pay-as-you-go basis, Vectorize, a vector database to store vector embeddings generated by models, and AI Gateway, which provides metrics to manage the costs of running AI apps.

50 years later, is two-phase locking the best we can do?
Two phase locking (2PL) was the first general-purpose Concurrency Control to be invented, providing Serializability and Opacity. It was published nearly 50 years ago and offers simplicity and strong isolation. However, it has disadvantages such as poor read-scalability and live-lock progress.

A peek into Argentina’s video game scene
The Argentine video game scene is booming, with a wide range of games showcased at the Argentine Video Game Expo. The industry is growing and going strong, with an increase in revenue and the number of game studios.

Show HN: kproximate – A Kubernetes node autoscaler for Proxmox
Kproximate is a node autoscaler project for proxmox. it allows kubernetes clusters to dynamically scale across pxema cluster nodes using syscalls and pod requests based on resource allocations. when the cluster is not scaling the host with the least allocated resources is selected and all pods are evicted from it before it is removed and deleted. if the

Japan’s silent movie culture is still going
Japan's silent movie culture, accompanied by live performers known as benshi, is still thriving despite the advent of talking movies. The benshi provide running commentary, vocalize sound effects, and give voices to the silent actors and actresses, enhancing the cinematic experience. This unique tradition, influenced by traditional Japanese talking arts, has been passed down through ...

Rust on Espressif chips

The quarterly update of the esp-rs effort for Q3 2023 includes bug fixes, code generation improvements, updates to esp-hal, support for ESP32-S3, cryptographic accelerator support, BLE support for ESP32-C6, and preparations for the first release.

Burning money on paid ads for a dev tool – what we've learned
Since starting PostHog in 2020, we’ve learned a bunch about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to marketing to engineers. Paid ads is a slightly scary area because it is very easy to waste a bunch of money doing stuff that doesn't work.

Students made Oxford murder capital of late medieval England, research suggests
A project mapping medieval England's known murder cases has found that Oxford's student population was the most lethally violent of all social or professional groups in any of the three cities studied. The per capita homicide rate in Oxford was estimated to be 4-5 times higher than late medieval London or York.

Parasitic plant with shrunken genome convinces hosts to grow into its own flesh
Researchers compared the genomes of balanophora and sapria. found a near-total loss of genes associated with photosynthesis in both plants, as would be expected with the lack of photosynthetic capability - but also revealed loss genes involved in other key biological processes – root development, nitrogen absorption, and regulation of flowering development. "the majority of the lost in ...

Soviet computer has been forgotten for 30 years [video]

Draggable objects

Many interactive pages have draggable objects that can be moved around. This article documents the code used to make draggable objects work with both mouse and touch input, using widely supported browser features. The code handles various scenarios, such as multiple buttons on a mouse, multiple fingers on touch devices, and context menus.

Show HN: PDF Debugger – Inspect Structure of PDF Files

A tool to debug PDF files

Bedbug crisis sparks political row in Paris as insect ‘scourge’ continues
France's bedbug crisis has caused a political dispute in Paris, with city hall calling for action before the Olympic Games and the transport minister summoning operators to prevent the bugs from multiplying on seats. Panic and disgust have spread as travelers share photos and videos of bedbugs on public transport and at the airport.

Meta in Myanmar

Facebook's role in the genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar was devastating, leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives. The explosion of internet connectivity in Myanmar initially brought hope, but it also facilitated the spread of hate speech and propaganda on Facebook.

Misunderstanding Greek and Latin in eighteenth-century Britain
By the middle of the eighteenth century, introductory works on classical languages and literature provided insight into the levels of classical literacy among readers. These works revealed the limited classical competency of aspiring students, who were advised to learn a thousand sentences in six to nine months rather than attempting to learn a whole language and its grammar. This limited ...