Mounting Git commits as folders with NFS

The author built a project called git-commit-folders that allows users to explore git commits as folders in a filesystem. The project supports FUSE, NFS, and WebDav filesystems.

Rest in Peace, Optane

Intel's Optane memory modules, launched in 2015, were recently discontinued. The technology faced challenges from the rapid advancements in DDR4 DRAM and flash memory, which offered cheaper prices, higher capacity, and improved performance. Optane's value proposition as a unique memory tier diminished over time, and its only remaining advantage was persistence on the memory bus.

I Hacked Magic the Gathering: Arena for a 100% Win Rate
The author discovered a vulnerability in Magic: The Gathering Arena that allowed them to make opponents auto-concede the game, resulting in a 100% win rate. They reported the issue to the game developers and provided the source code and an explanation of how to mitigate the vulnerability.

Why does Gnome fingerprint unlock not unlock the keyring?

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Maths and science animations
A simulation of a wave inside a stadium- a rectangle and two semicircles. Although it is a very simple shape, the wave function cannot be exactly solved and becomes chaotic. The simulation is actually computed on a rectangular grid of pixels as a cellular automaton- note the checkerboard patterns and pixelated edges. Rolling ellipses of different dimensions to measure their perimeters. The ...

Eclipse: The Demo that Sold 3D to Nintendo
The Eclipse demo, developed by Dylan Cuthbert for the Game Boy, served as the basis for the Super Nintendo game Star Fox and influenced the development of 3D games at Nintendo. The demo was recently discovered by the Video Game History Foundation.

Dogbolt Decompiler Explorer
Decompiler Explorer is an interactive online decompiler which shows equivalent C-like output of decompiled programs from many popular decompilers.

Bits (YC S20) is hiring a finance and analytics manager in London

Bits is a YC backed startup, Summer 2020 batch, that helps people build credit. We recently launched a physical credit card in the UK, which is the first ever 0% APR credit card in the market, and offers a unique path to credit for thousands of people who are currently locked out of access to credit completely. We are looking to hire a finance and analytics manager - someone who'll be ...

Rage: Fast web framework compatible with Rails
Rage is a Ruby web framework inspired by Deno and built on top of Iodine. It is designed to be a high-performance, API-only framework that is compatible with Rails. The framework includes a fiber scheduler, allowing code to run without blocking while waiting on IO.

Coding4Fun Hardware Boneyard – Using the CueCat with .NET (2006)
In this rogue installment of 'Some Assembly Required' column, Scott Hanselman borrows Travis Illig's CueCat BarCode scanner and creates a plugin for Windows Live Writer than lets him blog more easily about books he's reading. The :CueCat is a cat-themed handheld barcode reader developed in the late 1990s by the now-defunct DigitalConvergence Corporation, which connected to computers using the ...

Maelstrom: A workbench for learning distributed systems
Maelstrom is a workbench for learning distributed systems by writing your own. It provides standardized tests for different kinds of distributed systems and allows users to write their own implementations to be tested.

New theory claims to unite Einstein's gravity with quantum mechanics
A radical theory has been proposed by UCL physicists that unifies gravity and quantum mechanics while preserving Einstein's classical concept of spacetime. The theory suggests that spacetime may be classical and modifies quantum theory, resulting in random and violent fluctuations in spacetime.

Study of ancient British oral microbiomes reveals shift following Black Death
Researchers from penn state and the university of adelaide examined ancient dental calculus. they found that the bacteria in the streptococcus-dominated group had more functional traits relating to low-fiber, high-carbohydrate diets - traits that characterize modern-day diet. the researchers say their findings help inform our understanding of chronic, noncommunicable diseases. researchers ...

Why Unix kernels have grown caches for directory entries ('name caches')

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Show HN: TSDiagram – Diagrams as Code with TypeScript
Create diagrams and plan your code with TypeScript.

Understanding Keyboard Events Better
Xinput is a linux tool that allows listening to keyboard events. it can be used to listen to keypress events across the system on linux machines using x. if you’re interested in learning more about how the os and window managers handle keyboard inputs, this essay might be of interest to you. to achieve this, i needed to create my own node.js module using the same tool he used in the essay. the module

Designing a Symbol Layer (2021)
It’s pretty common in a QMK layout to have a “symbol” layer, for all those symbols that didn’t fit on the base layer, especially with smaller boards. A lot of effort has gone into optimizing the layout of the alpha keys—Dvorak, Colemak, MTGAP, BEAKL, RSTHD, to name a few. Yet I found relatively little written about how to design a symbol layer. To do something about that, this page discusses ...

A Decade of Have I Been Pwned
A decade ago, Troy Hunt launched the website 'Have I Been Pwned?' as a pet project. It quickly gained popularity and became a central player in global cybersecurity. Despite facing challenges and a potential sale, the project continues to have a significant impact on security.

Pragmatic Versioning – An Alternative to Semver
Pragmatic versioning optimizes for communicating changes to a package to package consumers, while retaining simple semantics for package maintainers. Existing versioning schemes like semver are excellent at informing end users on how to upgrade software, but do not allow package authors to efficiently communicate what will be maintained, how to get the most appropriate version for the end ...

YouTuber sentenced to 6 months in prison for obstructing probe into plane crash
A YouTuber pilot has been sentenced to six months in federal prison for deliberately destroying the wreckage of an airplane that he intentionally crashed to gain online views. The pilot, Trevor Daniel Jacob, pleaded guilty to one count of destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation.

The Norway Model: How the Scandinavian country became a literary powerhouse
The article explores the success of Norwegian literature abroad and the factors that contribute to its popularity. It discusses the role of state funding, Norwegian cultural preferences, and the collaborative nature of the literary ecosystem in Norway. The author also reflects on the challenges of translating subjective experiences and the differences between domestic and international ...

Vialibri: Physical Book Meta Search Engine
The COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of physical book fairs, causing concern within the book trade. However, the shift to virtual book fairs proved to be profitable and manageable for many antiquarian booksellers.

When Google Fiber abandons your city as a failed experiment (2019),q_60,w_645/ziuoxe2nzbflu0ocekfh.jpg
Google Fiber, Alphabet’s gigabit broadband service, announced plans to turn off its service in Louisville after only 16 months of operation. The company's attempt to use a cost-saving method of burying fiber optic cables just two inches underground, called nanotrenching, proved to be a failure. The city of Louisville is now left with damaged roads and unfulfilled promises of economic development.


Common Rust Lifetime Misconceptions (2020)

I've held all of these misconceptions at some point and I see many beginners struggle with these misconceptions today. Some of my terminology might be non-standard, so here's a table of shorthand phrases I use and what I intend for them to mean. A variable's lifetime is how long the data it points to can be statically verified by the compiler to be valid at its

Inoculating soil with mycorrhizal fungi can increase plant yield: study
A Swiss research team has shown that inoculating soil with mycorrhizal fungi can increase plant yield by up to 40% without using additional fertilizers or pesticides. However, the effectiveness of the fungi depends on the presence of fungal pathogens in the soil.

Forecasts need to have error bars
Richard Rosenfeld published an article about forecasting national crime rates. He provided forecasts for 2021-2025, but these forecasts are unlikely to be correct. It is more reasonable to provide prediction intervals to account for error.

Switch off bad TV settings

Smart TVs have various settings that can distort the image quality and make movies look unnatural. To watch movies as intended and save electricity, it is recommended to turn off these settings.

San Francisco now at 35% office vacancy rate, highest ever recorded: data
Downtown san francisco has a vacancy rate of over 35%, according to the numbers. homelessness, crime, public safety, and cleanliness are still top concerns, says one expert - 'it's not... doom loop, right?' the city is no longer losing more companies than it's gaining, he adds, but good news is on the horizon for the area too, with new tenants