Blocking Visual Studio Code embedded reverse shell before it's too late
Microsoft is offering a reverse shell embedded in Visual Studio Code, allowing users to share their desktop on the web. This tunnel can be triggered from the command line with the portable version of code.exe, making it difficult to detect. Blocking Visual Studio Code embedded reverse shell before it's too late.

My solopreneur story: zero to $45K/mo in 2 years,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
In September 2021, the author became unemployed and started working for themselves. They have since generated a total revenue of $45K/month across all products. They share their journey and offer advice for aspiring solopreneurs.

Foot – A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
Foot is a fast, lightweight, and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator. It supports all fonts that can be loaded by freetype, including bitmap fonts and color emoji fonts. Foot can be configured by creating a foot.ini file and supports various features such as URL detection, selection, and multiple windows in server mode.

Jewel of the forest: New electric blue tarantula species discovered in Thailand
A new species of tarantula with electric blue coloration was discovered in Thailand. The tarantula, named Chilobrachys natanicharum, has a unique structure of hair that manipulates light to create its striking blue appearance.

Coding Guidelines for Prolog (2011)
Coding standards and good practices are fundamental to a disciplined approach to software projects, whatever programming languages they employ. Prolog programming can benefit from such an approach, perhaps more than programming in other languages.

Worm that jumps from rats to slugs to human brains has invaded Southeast US
The rat lungworm, a parasite that infects rats and slugs and can invade human brains, has established itself in the Southeast US and is rapidly spreading, according to a study. The study found evidence of the worm in dead rats collected from the Atlanta zoo between 2019 and 2022, indicating sustained transmission.

Collecting and curating material is good and we should do it more
The article discusses the importance of collecting and curating material in order to improve the field of software engineering. It highlights the need for specific learning material and the value of analysis and synthesis in creating a snapshot of knowledge.

Show HN: LLM Agent Paper List
: [code] [2023/08] chateval: towards better llm-based evaluators through multi-agent debate.. [2023/09/20] this project has been listed on github trendings! paper] describe, explain, plan and select: interactive planning with large language models enables open-world multi-task agents. paper) 2022/03] efficient classification of long documents

The strange disappearance of Mrs Agatha Christie (2022)
This blog article is part of the 20sPeople season – a season of exhibitions, activities and events from The National Archives that explores and shares stories that connect the people of the 2020s with the people of the 1920s. With today’s release of the new film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel, Death on the Nile, I’m taking another look at one of the most bizarre events in the ...

Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online – report
Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online – report. Israeli technology company Insanet has developed spyware called Sherlock that can be delivered through online ad networks, turning targeted ads into Trojan horses. The spyware can infect Windows-based computers and Android phones as well as iPhones.

The Year Lou Reed Gave Up on Music
The article discusses Lou Reed's final performance with the Velvet Underground at Max's Kansas City in 1970 and his subsequent decision to quit the band. It also explores Reed's transition into a solo career and his exploration of poetry and writing during this time.

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. DSLR photos: Real world camera comparison
The iPhone 15 Pro Max's camera system has seen significant improvements, including a new 5X telephoto lens. However, when compared to a dedicated DSLR camera, the iPhone falls behind in terms of image quality and detail. Despite this, the iPhone's versatility, built-in processing features, and convenience make it a viable option for capturing usable photos in various situations.

Woman loses over $44k after downloading third-party app to buy fish
A woman in Singapore lost over $44,000 after scammers took control of her Android phone and banking details. The scammers increased her credit limits and transferred money out of her accounts after she downloaded a third-party app to buy fish.

Show HN: I rewrote the 1990's LambdaMOO server from scratch
"Moor" is a multi-user, programmable server, coded in Rust, designed to be able to run the original LambdaMOO core as a starting point, with various improvements at the server level to provide a more modern foundation for future development. LambdaMOO is a MUD -- aka a shared, multi-user, text-based virtual world -- that first opened to the public in 1990 and is still in operation. ...

India fails to re-establish communication with its Moon probe
The Indian space agency has been unsuccessful in re-establishing communication with its Moon probe, ending hopes that the vehicle could withstand the low temperatures of the lunar night.

She got famous on YouTube. Now it helps fund her research in quantum gravity

Sabine Hossenfelder, a theoretical physicist and mathematician, turned to YouTube during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep her sanity. She now has 1 million subscribers and uses the platform to fund her research in quantum gravity.

Skio (YC S20) – Subscriptions for Shopify, ReCharge Migrations Is Hiring
One of the best times to join in terms of risk/reward (post-PMF while still being pre-series A). Our 409A is still relatively low meaning options can be early-exercised cheaply (great for saving on taxes). QSBS still applies (also great for saving on taxes). Solo-founded. Generally speaking, solo-founded companies can give more equity and that's what we do here. We believe very much in ...

TSA Policy on Light Sabers
Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS A lock ( A locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites.

Deep genetic structure of Africa reveals unique ancestry of the Angolan Namib
The genetic structure of Africa, particularly the Angolan Namib desert, reveals unique ancestry and high levels of genetic diversity. Researchers discovered groups that were thought to have disappeared, such as the Kwepe pastoral group who spoke the Kwadi language. The study also found that the inhabitants of the Angolan Namib are highly structured among themselves and retain a unique ...

School Surveillance Tools Are Harming Kids,f_auto,g_center,q_60,w_645/40ac37b8e9ad66e1dd71c2cbd86269bc.jpg
The rapid deployment of school surveillance tools for monitoring students and filtering internet browsing has raised privacy concerns and unintended consequences. Students and teachers report that content filtering tools make coursework more difficult and block access to useful content. Filtering technology is also being used to block LGBTQ+ and race-related content, disproportionately ...

State of HTML 2023 now open
The State of HTML 2023 survey is now open. It is a comprehensive survey that covers cutting-edge features and aims to make a difference in the ecosystem. The survey includes new UI controls and UX research to collect complex data.

Imba – The friendly full-stack language

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The vital art of talking to strangers,quality=80,format=auto/sites/default/files/images/print-edition/20210710_BKD001_0.jpg
Hello, Stranger. By Will Buckingham. Granta; 336 pages; £16.99The Power of Strangers. By Joe Keohane. Random House; 352 pages; $28. Viking; £16.99Fractured. By Jon Yates. Harper North; 348 pages; $28.99 and £20 A tend to follow a familiar pattern. Children are taught never to speak to unknown grown-ups, especially those regarded by their parents as untrustworthy. The onset of adolescence and ...

It's okay to make something nobody wants
Products are more like a medium for self-expression rather than just being made for users. The process of creating a product involves expressing emotions and resonating with users. It's okay to make something that nobody wants as long as you have fully expressed your emotions in the product.

Shshsh is a bridge connects Python and shell
Shshsh is a Python library that acts as a bridge between Python and shell commands. It provides a safe way to execute shell commands from Python and allows for easy chaining of commands.

The Romantic Sufi: The Divan of Kamal Khujandi Copied by Jaʿfar Tabrizi

Digression 3: Corrosion – Rust Never Sleeps,f_auto/v1/bip/cdtkoo2djqu3zhrfb3qw
Defeating rust is a constant battle that requires a great deal of science and engineering. Corrosion is a planet-scale expense, costing an estimated $2.5 trillion a year. The search for new ways to prevent corrosion never stops.

Definitely Do Not Put Plastic in the Microwave
Microwaving plastic containers can release microplastics and nanoplastics, as well as leach chemical additives into your food. These particles and chemicals can have long-term effects on health, including immune and stress responses, reproductive issues, and metabolic and behavioral problems.

A magnificent 1850s house dubbed the Blue Belle of Brooklyn
The Blue Belle of Brooklyn is a magnificent 1850s house that has stood the test of time. It is a beautiful anachronism with its mansard roof, lacy ironwork, and front yard with rosebushes and lavender.

Teaching Software Engineering in DLang [pdf]

Teaching Software Engineering in DLang [pdf]. In this talk, the speaker recaps their university curriculum of teaching DLang and explains why they believe DLang should be taught in more universities. They discuss the use of low-level access, multiple programming paradigms, built-in profilers, package management, code coverage, and unit testing in their software engineering