Daniel Dennett has died

Renowned philosopher Daniel Dennett, noted for his work on consciousness and cognitive science, has passed away. Dennett, author of significant texts on philosophy of mind and an advocate for atheism, leaves behind a substantial intellectual legacy.

Multipath TCP for Linux (2022)

MPTCP enhances standard TCP by enabling devices to use multiple interfaces simultaneously for a single connection, improving bandwidth and resilience. It falls back to regular TCP if MPTCP isn't supported by the network.

Don't bet on the joys of pokies (2011)

An employee at Cairns Casino details the gallows humor used to cope with the task of taking punters' money, and the irrefutable house advantage in casino games. The article discusses the psychological impact on staff, the predatory nature of pokies, and proposals for gambling reform to minimize harm.

Epigenetic age oscillates during the day

JEP draft: Exception handling in switch

The article discusses enhancing Java's switch construct to handle exceptions thrown by the selector, which, along with handling null selectors, improves its utility for pattern matching. This is a preview feature allowing for cleaner, more expressive code by handling exceptions within switch cases, avoiding cumbersome try-catch blocks.

Microsoft's VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track

Microsoft Research Asia introduced VASA-1, a model that animates a photo using an audio track to create realistic videos. Although promising for virtual interactions, it also raises concerns about potential misuse like deepfaking.

The Curse of Monkey Island

The article discusses the intriguing twist ending of Monkey Island 2, where it's revealed that the protagonist Guybrush is a kid imagining an adventure, and the challenges faced by LucasArts in continuing the series with The Curse of Monkey Island, which retcons the ending and advances the franchise despite technical advancements shifting the gaming industry.

Quill v2 – Rich text editor

The article discusses an editor tool that provides detailed API access to content and logs changes using JSON. It ensures uniform functionality across various devices and is scalable for different project sizes.

Paces (YC S22, Climate and AI) Is Hiring Engineers in NYC

Paces is accelerating green development. We are hiring experienced engineers in NYC, if you are interested in big data and AI, and want to have a massive positive climate impact, please reach out to us! check our career page for more information: paces.com/careers

Does light itself have an infinite lifetime?

One of the most enduring ideas in all the Universe is that everything that exists now will someday see its existence come to an end. The stars, galaxies, and even the black holes that occupy the space in our Universe will all some day burn out, fade away, and otherwise decay, leaving what we think of as a “heat death” state: where no more energy can possibly be extracted, in any way, from a ...

Why single vendor is the new proprietary

The article argues that single-vendor Open Source is essentially proprietary software disguised by temporary Open Source licensing, and that the trend toward non-compete licenses stifles the freedom and innovation initially fostered by genuine Open Source software. It calls for vigilance against deceptive licensing practices that undermine Open Source principles.

The Illustrated Word2Vec (2019)

The article discusses the beauty and patterns of our universe as captured by artists, and relates this to the elegance of embeddings in machine learning. It explores how embeddings, like those created by word2vec, are used in various applications, from language processing to recommendation systems.

How the internet became shit

The author replaced an iPhone 8 battery and encountered overwhelming ads online due to forgetting an adblocker, highlighting internet commercialization and its impact on user experience. They lament the difficulty in finding genuine communities amidst this monetization.

Guy Callendar, the engineer who discovered human-caused global warming

Guy Stewart Callendar presented evidence and calculations in 1938 suggesting that human activity and fuel combustion were increasing global temperatures. Despite skepticism and his non-conventional scientific background, Callendar's findings and methodology proved foundational for modern climate research.

Measuring personal growth

Founders often focus on business growth but the author reflects on personal growth without typical metrics, instead considering problem-solving speed, change rate, and future options. The text also explores life's rhythm, suggesting personal change can be evaluated like investments, aiming for new perspectives and solutions to major life challenges.

Supabase Storage: now supports the S3 protocol

Supabase Storage has introduced S3-Compatible Storage, one of their most requested features, along with the transition of Resumable Uploads from Beta to General Availability. It is now a fully open-source storage solution that supports three interoperable protocols for file management and can be used with various tools.

Robotic arms that assemble panels at solar farms

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3rd Edition of Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Stroustrup

"Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++," 3rd Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup, guides beginners in learning programming fundamentals and skills. This edition incorporates C++20/23 features and prioritizes foundational topics for efficient coding.

Quantum Algorithms for Lattice Problems – Update on April 18

The author is an assistant professor at Tsinghua University with prior work at VISA Research and education from Boston University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, focused on cryptography. They recently acknowledged a bug in their algorithm related to quantum computing and LWE problems.

A POI database in one line

The Overture Maps Foundation has released a command-line tool for easy downloading of map data, which significantly reduces the complexity of creating a POI database. The new tool, coupled with LLMs for bounding box generation, can download and load data into a database rapidly.

Measuring the Mobile Body

Europe’s high-tech arsenal of border technologies is often narrated as a futuristic tale of light, speed and computing power. Identification systems such as the Eurodac database store, process and compare the digitized fingerprints of migrants using near-infrared light, fibre optic cables and centralized servers. Drones patrol the skies with their unblinking optical sensors. And large volumes ...

IBM and the Holocaust

Edwin Black's book "IBM and the Holocaust" reveals IBM's complicity in Nazi Germany's atrocities via technology services, facilitating the Holocaust with punch cards for census and concentration camp management. IBM, led by Thomas Watson, maintained a business relationship with Nazi Germany, even enhancing German subsidiary Dehomag's capabilities.

Why are there so many beetle species?

Caroline Chaboo is passionate about the diverse tortoise beetles, part of the 40,000 leaf beetle species. Biologists ponder the abundance of beetles, crediting their longevity and adaptive traits towards plants, with some lineages evolving symbiotic relationships for survival and diversification.

Show HN: Shepherd 3.0 – Like wandering the aisles of your favorite bookstore

The creator discusses the growth of Shepherd.com, a website connecting readers with authors' and experts' top 5 book recommendations. They also highlight upcoming features and the technical stack used for development.

Parsing and all that

The article continues a series on Automata, focusing on deterministic parsers and parsing algorithms like LL and LR that avoid backtracking. It reviews push-down automata and their usage with context-free languages, and explores grammar rules and parse table creation for unambiguous grammars.

Tips on how to structure your home directory (2023)

The author emphasizes the importance of a personalized and efficient directory structure that facilitates easy access and storage of files, which may change over time but should remain simple. They use categories, dates, and Git to manage files and directories, advocating for organization to avoid clutter and complexity.

C-Macs – a pure C macOS application

C-Macs is a lean C-programmed app that mimics foundation digging with a spoon; no license, high risk. It runs on modern OS X versions with low memory use, but only on intel architectures.

Scale of the Universe

Scale of Universe is an interactive experience to inspire people to learn about the vast ranges of the visible and invisible world.

The state of AI for hand-drawn animation inbetweening

The article discusses improving 2D animation productivity by utilizing AI in roles similar to human assistants, focusing on the task of inbetweening or creating intermediate frames. It examines the current state of the art, tests various AI tools, and considers the future of AI in traditional hand-drawn animation.

Porting 8-bit Sonic 2 to the TI-84 CE

The article details the author's process of porting Sonic 2 to the TI-84+ CE, including challenges such as adapting the game to fit the calculator's hardware and modifying game code. The project was inspired by the author's interest in matching Sega console and TI calculator processors and the lack of existing Sonic ports for TI calculators.