Ford's Battery Flagship Socked by Mold Sickness, Workers Say
Union workers at a Kentucky factory construction site for Ford and SK On are facing health issues due to mold exposure, with concerns being largely ignored by management. Amidst the rush to complete the plant, which is part of a significant green initiative, workers suffer from respiratory illnesses and inadequate working conditions.

Show HN: 5 Years Ago I made the Recovery Kit, I just made the RK2
The article discusses the author's experience creating the Recovery Kit, a rugged computer enclosure for Raspberry Pi, and its evolution over five years including challenges and improvements. Despite not publishing newer designs, the author highlights the impact of the Quick Kit variant and details the build process of the latest version with modern components.

I'm Peter Roberts, immigration attorney who does work for YC and startups. AMA

The author commits to being available for discussion throughout the day, with pauses, and is open to various topics based on reader interest. They clarify that they cannot offer legal advice on specific cases to avoid liability.

Hacked Nvidia 4090 GPU driver to enable P2P
The article discusses troubleshooting steps for enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) on NVIDIA 4090 cards, which lack the MAILBOXP2P hardware interface, by using BAR1P2P instead. It details the process of mapping VRAM, changing aperture settings, and correcting addresses to achieve P2P communication.

Show HN: A JavaScript library for data visualization in both SVG and Canvas
Ripl offers a unified API for easy 2D graphics rendering in browsers, bridging the gap between canvas and SVG's different implementations. It simplifies development by mimicking DOM/CSSOM, supports easy switching between rendering methods, and provides advanced drawing and animation tools.

"Strong focus on aesthetics" contributed to collapse of Norway timber bridge
The report criticized the planning and construction of Norway's Tretten Bridge, which collapsed in 2022 due to a design flaw and weak timber. Despite prior warnings and a similar bridge failure, insufficient action was taken to address known risks.

What is Webb observing now?
We will be back online as soon as possible.

There’s a 30-year old dead Rabbit in Seven Sisters tube station
A dead rabbit at Seven Sisters tube station is a relic of the short-lived Rabbit mobile phone technology, which failed despite initial high sales. The Rabbit service offered cheaper calls and better quality home phones but was quickly overshadowed by full mobile networks.

An open source initiative to share and compare heat pump performance data

The article showcases different installations tracked using OpenEnergyMonitor, highlighting performance variations through detailed statistics. It invites users to add their heat pump details and engage in forums, providing the average Coefficient of Performance (COP) value.

Show HN: Stream of Consciousness – watch an artificial persona making art
A daily performance revealing the thoughts of an imaginary artist creating and sharing images.

Organizing OpenStreetMap mapping parties
The author shares experiences and insights from organizing mapping parties and workshops, highlighting the importance of English and tech literacy for OpenStreetMap (OSM) contributions and the need for proper planning and equipment. They also discuss the potential of an advanced mapping initiative in less affluent areas and the use of various tools and apps to enhance the mapping process.

Artisan AI (YC W24) Is Hiring a Senior Back End Engineer
Artisan is seeking a Senior Backend Engineer to become part of our rapidly expanding team. We're creating the most advanced AI employees on the market and exceptional software products for them and human teams to use, starting with sales and rapidly expanding into other verticals. We were a part of the Y Combinator W24 batch, have raised over $7M in seed capital, and are relentlessly ...

Using Google Sheets as the back end/APIs of your app
Turn your Google Sheets spreadsheets into powerful APIs to rapidly develop prototypes, websites, apps and more.

AzerothCore: Self-Hosted World of Warcraft 3.3.5a Server
AzerothCore provides an open-source platform for creating private World of Warcraft servers, with a focus on modularity and community-driven development. It's based on earlier projects and aims to offer a 'blizzlike' experience, while also serving as a resource for aspiring developers.

A Secret Code May Have Been Hiding in Beethoven's Manuscripts for 200 Years
Beethoven, after a severe illness in 1825, composed a "holy song of thanksgiving" in Quartet No. 15, embedding his survival joy into the music. Violinist Nicholas Kitchen discovered Beethoven's secret dynamic notations in his manuscripts, revealing a deeper emotional expression previously unnoticed.

Pretty Eight Machine
The article discusses the author's experience with the Fujitsu FM-8, an early dual-processor computer from 1981, noting its popularity among hobbyists and its capability for upgrades. The author describes their process of cleaning and attempting to repair the computer, including challenges with CPU compatibility and the quest for the correct replacement part.

Bypass Paywalls repository is gone

Repository seems to be gone:

FyneDesk – Linux desktop environment in Go
FyneDesk is a user-friendly Linux/Unix desktop environment built with the Fyne toolkit and Go language, offering easy usage and development. It can be installed following the provided steps and comes with a runner utility for stability during testing phases.

Ask HN: What resources to learn tech and software in manufacturing?

The author, experienced in software, is adapting to a manufacturing company and seeking knowledge on innovations in supply chain and production management. They find it challenging to access information compared to online solutions and seek advice on learning resources.

Google threatens to cut off news after California proposes paying media outlets
Google is testing the removal of links to California news sites and halting investment in the state's news sector, in response to a bill requiring payment for news links. This move reflects the ongoing debate over Google's share of online ad revenue and its role in journalism.

What Orwell Feared
is a patchwork of bogs and moorland laid across a quartzite slab in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. Nearly 400 miles from London, rain-lashed, more deer than people: All the reasons not to move there were the reasons George Orwell moved there. Directions to houseguests ran several paragraphs and could include a plane, trains, taxis, a ferry, another ferry, then miles and miles on foot down a ...

Show HN: Wunderbar – Learn language while working on your Mac

The author shares their struggle with learning German, leading to the creation of a Menu Bar app that aids vocabulary retention through spaced repetition. The app's success prompted the inclusion of additional languages.

Show HN: tu – Convert natural language date/time to UTC
Usage: tu <natural time/duration> Examples: tu today -> 2024-03-16T12:56:41.905455Z tu tomorrow -> 2024-03-17T12:56:41.905455Z tu 2 day -> 2024-03-18T12:56:41.905455Z tu 9 week -> 2024-05-18T12:56:41.905455Z tu 1 month -> 2024-04-16T00:00:00Z tu 2024-04-10T13:31:46+04:00 -> 2024-04-10T09:31:46Z tu Wed, 14 Feb 2024 23:16:09 GMT -> 2024-02-14T23:16:09Z

Google blocks some California news as fight over online journalism bill escalate

Why I recommend Renovate over any other dependency update tools
The author praises Renovate as a superior dependency updating tool for its configurability, ease of use, and community support compared to Dependabot and Snyk. They highlight Renovate's key features like autodetecting ecosystems, shareable config presets, and comprehensive documentation.

An unusual prehistoric monument made up of three interlocking circles
Archaeologists in Marliens, France, unearthed multi-period occupations from Neolithic to Early Iron Age, featuring unique enclosures and artifacts like a copper dagger. The findings, including two necropolises, offer insights into ancient funeral practices and regional evolution.

Show HN: Running TempleOS in user space without virtualization
EXODUS adapts TempleOS for Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD, making HolyC a general language with GUI and CLI for servers and kernel building. It requires CMake, SDL2 headers, and provides detailed instructions for Windows users.

Here's a puzzle game. I call it Reverse the List of Integers

The article introduces a puzzle game where players reverse a list of integers by splitting or combining numbers without repetition or exceeding the original largest integer. It poses questions about optimal strategies and the complexity of puzzles as they scale.

An artist's perplexing tribute to the Pythagorean Theorem (2009)
The January 2009 CMJ cover featured Mel Bochner's artwork, sparking debate over its mathematical accuracy. Critics find it confusing, while others see it as a reflective piece on the Pythagorean Theorem and its cultural significance.

I Lost Faith in Kagi
The author expresses a loss of faith in Kagi, a paid search engine, due to its financial instability, lack of focus on privacy, and overextension into multiple unprofitable projects. Kagi's pursuit of AI tools and the founder's dismissive attitude towards privacy and financial concerns further dampen the author's outlook.