Open source AI is the path forward
Meta is releasing Llama 3.1, an open-source AI model, to promote a broader ecosystem and make AI more accessible and affordable for developers and organizations. The company believes that open-source AI will be safer, more secure, and more efficient than closed models, and will ultimately lead to a more prosperous and safer world.

Hydrothermal Explosion at Yellowstone National Park
The user is asked to provide a username, first name, last name, and email address to create an account. They can also choose to join various mailing lists, including news and updates on healthcare, education, government, and more.

Intent to end OCSP service
Let's Encrypt is ending Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) support in favor of Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) due to privacy concerns and resource allocation. The change will not affect websites or browsers, but non-browser software may need to adapt, and users are recommended to start relying on CRLs as soon as possible.

How Olympics officials try to catch "motor doping"
Cycling officials are deploying electromagnetic scanners and X-ray imaging to combat "motor doping" at the Paris Olympics, a hidden electric motor that can provide an unfair advantage. Despite the introduction of sophisticated detection methods, motor doping remains a concern at amateur events, with some experts calling for real-time monitoring of bikes throughout major races to ensure fair play.

Warsaw came close to never being rebuilt (2015)
After World War II, Warsaw was almost completely destroyed, with 84% of its urban architecture, 90% of its industrial infrastructure, and 72% of its residential buildings destroyed. Despite the devastation, the city was rebuilt, with a unique effort led by Professor Jan Zachwatowicz, who argued for full reconstruction of Polish monuments, and the city's revitalization was recognized by UNESCO ...

Turing's topological proof that every written alphabet is finite (2010)
Alan Turing's 1936 article "On Computable Numbers" introduced the Turing machine and proved the halting problem is undecidable, and also contains a topological argument that every written alphabet must be finite. Turing used the Hausdorff metric to show that any written alphabet is finite, as the human eye cannot distinguish between symbols that are too similar, leading to a finite number of ...

The Unix Pipe Card Game
The Unix Pipes Game is a card game that teaches kids to combine Unix commands through pipes, with a parent's guidance, to complete tasks such as printing the most common line from a file. The game comes with an expansion pack and other card games that teach programming concepts like Python, machine code, and function composition.

How many children had Lady Macbeth?,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
“How Many Children Had Lady Macbeth?” So L.C. Knights asked in a famous lecture on Shakespeare, delivered in 1933. The purpose of his talk wasn’t to answer the question. It was to argue that it shouldn’t be asked. Shakespeare’s plays, according to Knights, were first and foremost “dramatic poems,” works of literary art unified through metaphor and language, rather than a record of ...

Show HN: Briefer – multiplayer notebooks with schedules, SQL, and built-in LLMs
Blocks in a notebook allow data gathering from files or connected sources, file uploads, Python code execution, and interactive input elements. These blocks can be organized into tabs for easier navigation and organization.

A free tool to quickly detect counterfeit flash (2017)

F3write and f3read can be installed on Windows and Mac, but f3probe, f3fix, and f3brew require Linux. To use these tools on Windows or Mac, use the Docker Installation or create a VirtualBox VM to pass through devices.

Ask HN: I built a Yubikey-based domain controller. Is it sellable?

You built an appliance to protect internal web apps with multi-layered security, requiring user/pass+yubikey authentication, and are considering selling it but face challenges with legacy domain controllers and small budgets. You're concerned about the product's viability, as it may not integrate with legacy systems and may require too much support for small clients.
LinkedIn's algorithm prioritizes content engagement over external links, forcing users to create lengthy posts with links or use workarounds, which can be seen as a form of "zero-click content" that limits reach and favors internal content. This approach has been criticized for devaluing the link and limiting the open web, with some arguing that regulators should step in to ensure social ...

Emerge Tools (YC W21) Is Hiring a Product Engineer (iOS, Full-Stack)
Emerge is a suite of developer tools that helps mobile app teams build and optimize their apps, backed by top VCs and adopted by major companies like DoorDash and Stripe. The company is looking for an iOS app developer with extensive experience to join their small, remote team and work closely with customers to improve their experience.

Median filtering (2022)
The median filter is a non-linear smoothing filter that calculates the median value of a neighborhood in an image, and its implementation can be optimized using various algorithms, including the use of histograms, binary search trees, and order statistic trees. The choice of algorithm depends on the size and shape of the kernel, the type of image data, and the desired trade-off between ...

United States discloses nuclear warhead numbers; restores nuclear transparency
The Federation of American Scientists applauds the US for declassifying its nuclear warhead stockpile numbers, calling on other nuclear-armed states to follow suit. The disclosure shows the US has 3,748 warheads in its military stockpile as of September 2023, with only 40 warheads off FAS' estimate.

Give Me the Green Light Part 1: Hacking Traffic Control Systems
The author discovered a vulnerability in a traffic controller's web interface, allowing for authentication bypass and full access to the controller, and reported it to the vendor, Q-Free, but received a dismissive and threatening response. The author was eventually able to obtain a CVE for the issue and plans to share more about their findings and experiences in future blog posts.

Ask HN: Fast data structures for disjoint intervals?

The user is looking for a data structure to efficiently model disjoint time intervals for real-time applications, requiring fast range queries and insert/remove operations. They have tried various approaches, including ordered maps and specialized interval libraries, but are still seeking a more efficient solution that balances read and write performance.

A Gentle Introduction to SAML
SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is a complex technology used for exchanging security-related messages in XML, often used for single sign-on (SSO) in software applications, but its flexibility and complexity can make it difficult to implement and maintain. The author of the text provides a simplified explanation of SAML, highlighting its use cases and the challenges of implementing ...

Chinese-born chemist cleared of last conviction under US’s espionage probe
Feng "Franklin" Tao, a former University of Kansas chemistry professor, has been acquitted of a false statement conviction after a five-year legal battle. Tao's lawyer welcomed the ruling, stating that the government's relentless investigation and charges were based on an alleged omission and had unfairly damaged Tao's reputation and financially drained his family.

Engage, don't show
Good knowledge transfer involves connecting new information to a clear purpose and allowing students to practice and apply it immediately, rather than overwhelming them with upfront theory. This approach helps students understand why what they're learning is useful, stay motivated, and retain information better, and applies to all forms of knowledge transfer, including teaching, writing, and ...

Show HN: Zerox – document OCR with GPT-mini
The Zerox library uses a vision model to perform OCR on documents, including those with complex layouts, tables, and charts, and is competitively priced with existing products. The library provides options for customizing the OCR process, including maintaining consistent formatting and saving output to a file.

Tesla Q2 2024 Update [pdf]

Tesla's Q2 results showed record quarterly revenues, driven by growth in the Energy Generation and Storage business, as well as a sequential rebound in vehicle deliveries. The company expects to continue growing its vehicle volumes in a more capex-efficient manner, with plans for new vehicles, including more affordable models, set to start production in the first half of 2025.

Types as Interfaces

The author discusses designing a board game and implementing a simple message system in Haskell, using a Msg type to annotate any type with sender and recipient information. They then explore the concept of types-as-interfaces and how to compose them, using a layered approach to simplify code and avoid complexity.

A (not so) small library for terminal based game development
Pygamelib is a simple game development library for kids and beginners, aiming to teach coding and game development without worrying about display or management. It's a terminal-based library, supporting Python 3.6+, with a focus on imagination and creativity, and is designed to be easy to use and learn.

Google-Wiz deal fizzles out, company will pursue IPO
Wiz, a cloud security startup, has walked away from a $23 billion acquisition deal with Google, opting instead to pursue an initial public offering. The decision was reportedly driven by antitrust and investor concerns, and Wiz will focus on reaching $1 billion in annual recurring revenue and an IPO.

OpenBSD IPv6 Home Internet Gateway with AT&T Fibre

When you sign up for Internet service, one thing you’re going to get is a home gateway. It’s going to offer wired and wireless Internet connections plus a bunch of other things you may not want and probably won’t need. Unfortunately, one of the things it’s going to offer you is poor performance. The wireless network on it may not cover your whole house, and if you’re also limited in where you ...
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Dtui – TUI for introspecting the state of the system/session dbus
A small TUI for d-termining the state of your dbus. It will show you the current services running and allow you to introspect objects and their interfaces in those services

Alphabet Second Quarter 2024 Results
Alphabet's revenue was up 14% year-over-year, driven by search as well as cloud, which surpassed $10 billion in quarterly revenues and $1 billion in operating profit for the first time. The company reported ad revenue of $64.62 billion — up from $58.14 billion last year, showing that Google's advertising business continues to grow after rising inflation and interest rates tightened ...

Ruby methods are colorless
The concept of "colorless" programming in Ruby refers to the ability to write asynchronous code without having to explicitly indicate whether a function is synchronous or asynchronous, allowing for more flexible and efficient concurrency. Ruby's threads and fibers provide colorless concurrency, enabling developers to write concurrent code that can run in parallel and adapt to the available ...