Controlling the Taylor Swift Eras Tour wristbands with Flipper Zero
PixMob's controllable wristbands, used in Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, feature RGB LEDs and microcontrollers that respond to infrared signals from a moveable projector. The technology has been reverse-engineered by enthusiasts, who have successfully hacked the IR protocol using tools like Flipper Zero.

Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index (2012)

Code Search was a Google project that allowed users to search for regular expressions across public source code, using an inverted index of trigrams to identify candidate documents and then running the full regular expression search against those documents. The project used a custom DFA-based matching engine tuned for grep-style searches, which could be run quickly on repeated runs without ...

Should I use JWTs for authentication tokens?
JSON Web Tokens (JWT) are a standard for authenticated tokens, but they're designed for large-scale environments like Google/Facebook and may not be suitable for smaller applications. Using JWTs can lead to unnecessary complexity and database hits, making it better to use a traditional session mechanism with an opaque session token stored in the database.

GTFL – A Graphical Terminal for Common Lisp

GTFL is a graphical terminal for Common Lisp that allows developers to visualize and debug their algorithms in a web browser, providing mechanisms for sending content to the client page from within Lisp. It comes with various features such as tree drawing, expandable elements, and HTML pprinting, making it useful for debugging and visualizing complex data structures.

Surveilling the masses with wi-fi-based positioning systems
Researchers discovered a privacy threat in Apple's Wi-Fi-based Positioning System, allowing an attacker to gather global Wi-Fi location data and track device movements. The attack exploited the limited MAC address space, resulting in over 2 billion geolocations learned worldwide, with implications for tracking devices' movements and compromising user privacy.

Tantivy – full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene
Quickwit is a distributed search engine built on Tantivy, offering configurable tokenization and support for various languages. Tantivy is a Rust crate that can be used to build a search engine, with features like fast fields and immutable data, but lacks distributed search capabilities.

Recently increased prevalence of human forearm median artery: Microevolution

The study found that the prevalence of persistent median arteries in adult forearms has tripled over the last 125 years, from approximately 10% to 30%, and predicts that it will reach 100% by the year 2100 if this trend continues. The increase in prevalence may be due to microevolutionary changes caused by natural selection pressures or health insults during pregnancy and fetal development.

Helix-gpui: A simple GUI for the Helix editor
This is a simple GUI for helix editor. Most modal editors are terminal apps, I'd like to change that and implement a good modal GUI editor.

Evolution of the ELF object file format

ELF is an open standard object file format developed by Unix System Laboratories (USL) for their System V Release 4 in the late 1980s, and it has been widely adopted by many Unix-like operating systems. The generic ELF specification has undergone updates and extensions over the years, but its maintenance fell to successive owners of Unix software assets, with the last update made in June 2013.

British Museum gems for sale on eBay – how a theft was exposed
Dr Ittai Gradel, a Danish antiquities dealer, suspected an eBay seller was stealing from the British Museum and eventually uncovered that senior curator Peter Higgs had stolen thousands of objects over several years. The museum initially dismissed Gradel's concerns but later launched an investigation, which revealed the extent of the thefts and led to Higgs' dismissal in July 2023.

Priced out of home ownership
The US housing market has become increasingly unaffordable, with rising rents, home prices, and mortgage rates making it difficult for people to buy homes. The issue is contributing to widespread pessimism about the economy and dissatisfaction among Americans, particularly younger voters who are struggling to find affordable housing options.

Instead of “auth”, we should say “permissions” and “login”
The term "auth" is often unclear and can refer to either authentication or authorization, leading to confusion and bad abstractions. Using clear terms like "login" for authentication and "permissions" for authorization can improve communication and design, as they are distinct concepts that deserve separate treatment.

Reclaiming IPv4 Class E's
The depletion of IPv4 address space has led to increased costs and changes in market dynamics, with some providers now charging separately for IPv4 addresses. Class E space, a previously unused portion of the IPv4 address space, could be used for local or private addressing, but its adoption would require significant changes to user software and policy decisions within IANA and the IETF.

An adjustable filter that can prevent interference in the range 600 MHz to 6 GHz
Penn Engineers have developed an adjustable filter that can prevent interference between wireless signals and GPS systems, which could enable the next generation of wireless communications. The filter uses a unique material called yttrium iron garnet (YIG) and is tunable across a broad frequency band, making it potentially suitable for use in higher-frequency bands like the Frequency Range 3 ...

Brainbase (YC W24) Is Hiring

Brainbase is an AI workflow automation builder that enables companies to create their own enterprise-grade AI workers, and they are looking for a founding team member with resourceful, resilient, and decisive qualities. The ideal candidate should have previous coding experience, be willing to relocate to SF, and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The future of foundation models is closed-source,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Two seemingly contradictory but equally popular narratives about the future of foundation models have taken hold. In one future, AI centralizes: scaling laws will hold, and value accrues primarily to scaled, closed-source players. In the other future, AI decentralizes: foundation models have no moat, open-source has caught up to closed-source, and we’ll have many competing models. Today, both ...

More Itertools

The more-itertools library provides additional functions for working with Python iterables, including flatten and chunked. These functions can be used to simplify tasks such as flattening nested lists and splitting large lists into smaller chunks.

Long distance sound localization with the Raspberry Pi*Xbkf7CHMH1BaHm14wp8Kkg.jpeg
The author developed a project called "StalkedByTheState Autonomous Recording Unit" (sbts-aru) that uses Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) sound localization to determine the source of a sound using Raspberry Pi recorders. The project was tested with air horns and achieved accurate localization results, even over distances of several kilometers, with an estimated error of around 1-2 meters.

My new PSU burns out – I fix it, and torture it by cracking water
The author's newly built power supply suddenly failed due to a short circuit caused by inadequate clearance between tracks on the PCB. After repairing and testing the PSU, it was used to power an electrolysis experiment, which demonstrated increasing conductivity with concentration of sodium bicarbonate solution.

Possible association between tattoos and lymphoma
A new study from Lund University suggests that having tattoos may increase the risk of developing lymphoma by 21%, although more research is needed to confirm this finding. The study found no correlation between tattoo size or location and increased risk, but researchers are now investigating potential links between tattoos and other types of cancer.

Resume Tip: Hacking "AI" screening of resumes

The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack is under a DDoS attack, but data remains unaffected; services are unavailable. The attacker likely has delusional confidence and resources, using AI scraping activity from thousands of IP addresses to overwhelm the site.

How we enabled ARM64 VMs
Ubicloud enabled arm64 instances on their cloud platform, which required standardizing CPU architecture names, updating VM placement logic, and dropping in new binaries for ARM architectures. The process was relatively straightforward, taking only 151 lines of code, but introduced challenges such as inflexible hardware configuration and binary building method and versioning issues.

Linux virtual machines, with a focus on running containers
Lima launches Linux virtual machines with automatic file sharing and port forwarding (similar to WSL2).

The problem with the Darling 58 genetically modified chestnut tree
Sara Fern Fitzsimmons, a researcher, has been raising American chestnut seedlings for two decades to restore the species, but her efforts were derailed when it was discovered that the genetically modified tree designed to resist blight was actually a different version. The mistake led to accusations of cover-up and controversy within the conservation community, with some arguing that ESF's ...

How many EV charging stations does the US need to replace gas stations?
The US needs to build more public charging stations, with estimates suggesting a sixfold increase, to support widespread adoption of electric vehicles. However, most experts believe that home and workplace charging will meet the majority of drivers' needs, with public charging stations serving as a backup for occasional use.

Rete algorithm
The Rete algorithm is a pattern matching algorithm used to efficiently apply many rules or patterns to many objects in a knowledge base, sacrificing memory for increased speed. It stores partial matches when performing joins between different fact types and allows for efficient removal of memory elements when facts are retracted from working memory.

Low-latency scripting for game engines

The text discusses using C++ as a scripting language for game development, specifically with the libriscv emulator, which provides low-latency and specialized solutions for fast in-and-out function calls. The author shares examples of using C++ to create sandboxed programs that can call out to host functions and pass data between the program and the host.

A 1.3B-light-year-across ring of galaxies has confounded astronomers
Astronomers have discovered a massive, almost perfect ring of galaxies 1.3 billion light-years across, dubbed the "Big Ring", which defies current understanding and formation mechanisms. The structure's size and shape are incompatible with known explanations, leaving possibilities such as cosmic strings or unknown universe defects to be explored.

Big data is dead (2023)
The era of "Big Data" is over, as most organizations don't have massive amounts of data and can handle their data needs with traditional architectures and cloud-based solutions. The focus should shift from scaling up to handling large datasets to understanding why people keep old data around and whether it's truly necessary, as storing and processing large amounts of data can be costly and inefficient.